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*Friday 9.14.12 – Be Still and Know …*

If there is one thing I have longed for my entire life it has been to be able to be still. Sometime when I was in 2nd or 3rdgrade I noticed that I had a real problem with that. I felt these compulsions to move my body in certain ways. Most little boys have a real ability to be in constant motion, however for me it was different. I was beginning to develop Tourette Syndrome – a neurological disorder where a chemical imbalance develops in the brain.

Normal people have resisters that keep the electrical impulses from the brain in check so that your body moves when you tell it to. People with Tourettes have faulty resistors and the impulses jump the track, so to speak, and we develop ticks that at times are uncontrollable.

I wish I had known that so that when my parents would say to me; “Can’t you just sit still?” I could have said – actually no – I cannot sit still. My body won’t let me. But little was known at that time about this disorder … so I was just a little boy who could not sit still … but like on steroids. So I was “that weird kid” and learned to compensate with humor and sports.

Then, when walking out my recovery back in Fall of 2008 I was facing a financial crisis. I was selling cars and doing well until the recession hit and GM started to go down the toilet. Leasing stopped and that was 60% of my new car sales. So I left the car business and started a new unknown job as a Financial Advisor Headhunter. I had no clue about this business but it seemed like God had opened the door…but it felt more like through the door was a cliff and God was saying … Go ahead and jump!

But then I heard Him say to me …

* “Be Still and Know that I am God.”*

I knew what He meant. He was telling me everything was going to be OK. I could rest in Him and be still in my spirit. He was going to provide. And provide He did. In the first 6 months of 2009 I made *five times* more income than the year before. Now I have not made anywhere near that since, but that year God opened the storehouses of heaven and poured out financial blessing into our lives like I had never seen before.

What are you struggling with in your spirit? What issues are you trying to handle and take care of on your own? These same words are for you as well and come out of Psalm 62:10 …

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

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