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*Monday 9.17.12 – Word’s From the Lord # 7*

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This will be the last of the series on special words that I have heard God say to me. They have all been wonderful and produced hope and faith in me. However, this one touched me deeper an any of them

So God told me that he was going to restore my soul. He began a process of healing the deeper wounds in my life that were driving my sinful behavior. Wounds in my soul like the feeling that there was something broken in me. That deep down I was defective.

The process of healing those wounds was slow. However, as I continued to seek Him and ask for his continued healing he would show me a wound and proceed to heal it. Now the effects of those healings had to be lived out in my life. I would tend to go back to negative ways of thinking and believing lies about me. But the Spirit would prompt me and I wound repeat … “Thank you Lord that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (from Psalm 139)

So one day as I was driving to Chillicothe to my work I asked the Lord what did He like about me. I know He loved me but I, on a whim, asked what He liked about me. I heard nothing … so I thought – Ok that was a dumb thing to pray.

However, the next week I felt prompted to pray it again. So I did. I said; “Lord I know you love me … but could you just share with me what it is that you like about me?

Then He said to me …


I knew it was a word from Him. I could have never imagined that answer myself. It totally blew me away. It touched me so deeply and still ministers to me today. Plus, I believe the same is true for you.

He hates our sin … but never stops loving us. He sees our flaws … but they do not cause Him concern because He knows He is going to change us. He sees us struggle and patiently waits for us to turn to Him for help.

I hope you ask the Lord to speak to you. He will from His word … and occasionally He will say something specifically to you and to you heart. I hope you are asking and I hope you are listening.

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