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*Monday 9.24.12 – Renewing Our Minds – Conclusion*

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All last week we focused on renewing our minds. If we want to change the sinful behavioral patterns in our lives … if we want God to change us so that we can recover from our sexual brokenness then we need Him to transform us. Central to us being transformed is us doing the work to renew our minds.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but *be transformed by the renewing of your mind*. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

If we are going to recover we need God to do a work in us. We need to be transformed. And the good news is God wants the same thing. His Spirit who dwells inside of us is ready to do that work. He waits for us to get serious, roll up our sleeves and work with Him.

We start by eliminating whatever it is in our lives that is conforming us to the pattern of this world. Even if you have failed at this a thousand times … do it now asking for the Spirit to help you. Do it now with your accountability partners knowing what you are trying to do and keeping you accountable. Start small and keep moving forward.

Then the Spirit is going to supplement your efforts with His power. Quit putting in the garbage and substitute putting in the Word of God. Start memorizing a few verses from the Bible and go over them in your head during the day and turn to them when you are tempted to fantasize.

Gradually the Spirit is going to start renewing the ways you think. You will begin to respect and honor people as creations of God made in His image instead of someone you use for an orgasm. You will begin to see your sin more clearly for what it is … eating your own vomit … instead of some satisfying thrill. You will see that death lies in the pursuit of the lusts of the flesh and life comes when we pursue Jesus.

*Keep up this work … and you will be being transformed by the Spirit. *

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