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*Friday 9.28.12 – Transformation of Jesus* * * *[image: Inline image 1] *

There was an event in the life of Jesus that included a transformation and in those passages in Matthew and Mark we find the fourth and fifth uses of the word in the New Testament. Jesus is wanting some time away from the crown of disciples and sensing that His Father wanted to do something wonderful He invited Peter James and John to go on a hike with Him. They climbed to the top of a mount … which became known as the Mount of Transfiguration. All we know was that it was a high mountain.

Suddenly and without warning Jesus gets transformed … or transfigured. His outward appearance was radically changed so that his clothing became “radient and exceedingly white – as no whitener on earth can whiten them.” Matthew says that His face shone like the sun and His garments became as white as light. Get the picture? He went from looking like the normal Jesus they knew and had been following to some super radient Jesus as bright as a lightening bolt.

Then to make matters even more exciting Moses and Elijah show up. It’s the Twilight Zone and you know that these three fishermen were more than just a little impressed. However, Peter – not wanting to miss an opportunity to stick his foot in his mouth decides he should probably say something. (By the way that would be a bad idea when standing next to the transformed Jesus with two of the greatest men of God from a couple of thousand years in the past show up … probably a good time to be quiet.)

But … nooooo … old Pete just has to make that point that it is a good thing that he is there so he can build three little huts for Jesus, Moses and Elijah. I just laugh out loud when I think of that comment. So suddenly a cloud surrounds them all and things get eerily silent. Then God the Father speaks and says … “This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased, listen to Him.” Three fishermen are suddenly face down in the dirt trembling … and when Jesus touches them they look up and everything is back to normal.

Jesus was transformed before Peter, James and John in an instant. However, God transforms us over our lifetime. Jesus was in and out … flashes of light like the sun and incredible brightness and then seconds later … everything back to normal. Maybe you can do that when you are the Son of God in the flesh with no sinful nature … no flesh and have never sinned.

I pray that you will pray for a heart that wants to be transformed. That God would touch you with the desire for holiness and to be done with the things of this world. However, I will tell you this … everyday you are being transformed either into a more godly person by the power of the Spirit or you are being drawn back into the flesh and more sinful brokenness. Your choice … choose wisely grasshopper.

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