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*10.1.12 – Do I really have a Choice?*

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Yesterday I talked about us having a choice when we are tempted … we can choose sin or we can choose God. Some might say that an addict does not have a choice. His addiction is going to drive him to choose the sin … maybe not right away but eventually he has to give in. If you believe that then you are believing a lie that will keep you in your addiction.

Even non-believers who are in 12 Step programs have learned that is a lie. They have learned to tell themselves that they are completely power against their sin BUT – there is a higher power who can intervene on their behalf and help them not choose the sin. And if they keep turning to that higher power every time they are tempted eventually they will get through their withdrawal and move forward in their recovery … one day at a time.

If that can work for someone who does not even believe in a real and personal God … and their higher power is say … the 12 Step group … or some mystical power out there somewhere … then how much more should it be true for believers in God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit???

There is also much more that tells us why we have a choice as believers … even if we are addicted believers. I know for a fact that I was addicted to sexual sin. Give me any test to determine if I had an addiction and it comes back with no question about it. And I lived for years in that addiction … always trying to stop but never getting free. I was trying on my own, in isolation and apart from the Spirit of God. He was grieved in my and would not help me as long as I was not willing to confess it and seek help from Him and the body of Christ.

So this week we are going to look at why we have a choice. Approaching the issue from a position of being a believer in Christ and a person who has been born into the family of God … why is it that as believers we have a choice and how to take advantage of what is already ours in Christ.

In preparation for that I want you to spend time with the Lord talking to Him about why you have not been able to consistently make the right choice. What is hindering the work of the Spirit in your life? Ask Him what is the next thing you need to do to begin breaking free?

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