The Fruit of Recovery

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We may not say it out loud but many of us think it in our minds … What’s in it for me? You want me to give up porn and masturbation … I’m a single guy … my wife and I are not intimate … this is my release and you want me to give it up? What is in it for me? That is the question we are going to answer this week. Before we look at the actual fruit of recovery and all the good things that can come from it let’s first remind ourselves of a couple of things.

What has years of sexual sin done for you? Now for some … younger guys, in whom a full blown addiction has not yet developed, have not yet seen all the damage that can result. So let this be a warning to you from the damage we have seen in our lives. The fruit of recovery can still be yours even if the devastation of an addiction has not happened yet.

*First – sexual sin has grieved the Spirit within us.* The One whose presence in our bodies is there to enable us to not walk in the flesh ceases to do that because we are choosing to be a slave to sin instead of a slave to Jesus. When grieved He backs off and allows the destructive power of sin to do a number on us … and sin is a cruel master.

*Second – we feel shame and guilt over the things we have done.* Living a secret life shuts you down from connecting with others because you are afraid of what they might discover. That is universal and the longer you continue living like that the less you will be able to have a close and emotionally intimate connection with anyone. This leads to more loneliness and drives you to act out more.

*Third – we are looking to sex to give us what ultimately only God can satisfy … a deep need for connection and intimacy. *Sex gives a little pleasure followed by long periods of guilt and shame. God gives life and gives it more abundantly. Choosing to sin is choosing to die … bit by bit. Choosing to daily surrender to God is choosing to live and slowly but steadily the fruit of recovery begins to grow in your life. It’s good … it’s tasty! More tomorrow.

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