Life Without Sauce

Yesterday I was staring down at my type 2 diabetic acceptable lunch plate of ½ cup of brown rice, steamed vegetables, a small piece of grilled chicken and a huge mound of fresh salad. When suddenly it hit me … where’s the sauce? No soy sauce on the rice. No butter on the vegetables. Not even any salad dressing on the salad. That’s what my life has become … a life without sauce.

As far back as I remember I have been a sauce guy. Even as a young boy eating was all about the sauce. Give me a dog with lots of ketchup, mustard, relish and onions. Pancakes covered in syrup (or molasses sauce). Pizza with extra sauce. French fries with lots of ketchup. Thanksgiving dinner … oh my … gravy on turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing and even if it ebbed over to the olives, carrots and celery all the better. Burgers with BBQ. Eggs with salsa. Even ice cream … which in and of itself is a frozen sauce … top it with chocolate sauce!!! There was even a time when I would always have to dip my steak in a pool of ketchup … and don’t get me started on pasta.

It takes time to get use to life without sauce when you have been a sauce-aholic. We live in a country that is covered in sauce. Billboards with beautiful pieces of meat dripping with sauce. All you can eat wings with a limitless supply of napkins that you don’t use because you love sucking the sauce off of each digit. Restaurants who are only happy to bring more sauce upon request.

For me those days are gone. Sauce, as good as it is in my mouth, is destroying my body. The sugar, fat and salt do bad things in my blood and cause inflammation in my body. Sure it tastes great … but can lead to me having a stroke, problems with my feet and even potentially blindness.

Withdrawal is tough. Bland food is boring. However, I am getting to the point where things are starting to change. There are actually tastes in the food itself that you can learn to appreciate. My weight is decreasing and my energy level is increasing. I am feeling better about myself knowing I am doing what I need to do to try and stay healthy so that I can continue to be a better husband, father and grandfather.

In some ways sauce, like porn, is something that I can live without and the longer I go without indulging my appetites the better I feel. I guess that applies to any addiction.

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