Stop with the Figgie Pudding Already!

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I can almost guarantee that if you live in North America, you are going to either sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!” or hear it. It will be playing as you walk around the malls, sung at children’s winter musicals and even church performances. My question is what the heck is “Figgie Pudding?”

That picture does not look appetizing to me at all. I was good with Fig Newton’s when I was a child. They even tried to dress that slice up with some whipped cream or frosting, but that just looks like a slice of something left on the road by a camel. (Sorry about that to my UK readers.)

I am writing about things we can do to make this holiday season something we might enjoy. To handle the stress and not have it be a time when we isolate and act out. On Saturday, it was Take Control of your Schedule. Today it is

Take Control of your Appetite

Yup, I am talking about the stuff we stuff into our piehole. That hole below your nose, above your chin, and behind your lips. That place where a creature lives covered with taste buds which spring to life anytime you make a deposit, and then they judge whether or not to spew it out and send it on to be disassembled.

So, here is the typical scenario. The weather gets cold, and so we do not want to go outside as much. There are mountains of cakes and candies at the office as well as being created at home. There are times for the family to gather with more delicious food and desserts. Then after eating too much we sit and watch sports and downing a few beers.

Then, the next day, you wake up with your body trying to adjust this deluge of calories and trying to recovery from sugar shock. And if you have a food addiction like you have a sexual addiction these can feed into each other. You feel badly you acted out sexually so you eat to feel better. Then you feel bad that you overate and so you act out sexually. Round and round you go where you stop nobody knows.

Christmas really is a time for celebrating the fact that Jesus did not consider His being the 2nd member of the Trinity something he had to hold on to. But He emptied Himself, became a 2-cell fetus in the womb of Mary and became the Savior by dying for our sins.

How about we reign it in a little? Show some self-control over what we eat and how much we eat. Here is a good work … MODERATION. And even if it is cold outside, put on a coat and gloves and go for a walk with someone

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