Do I Need More Content or More Community?

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Yesterday one of my readers made me aware of the Breaking Free Sexual Integrity Virtual Summit which began on December 10. It has been the work of Michael Leahy founder and CEO of BraveHearts a ministry to those struggling with porn and sex addiction. Hosted by Covenant Eyes over 40 speakers and ministries will be highlighted with ten days of content available for free (if you access it online within 48 hours). Or, you can pay $99 and have all of it forever.

Now I must admit that when I first saw that I was thinking sinful thoughts like;

• Wait a minute, I have written for Covenant Eyes for years why was I overlooked? I believe that is call envy or jealousy.
• What an opportunity to promote 180 Ministries and it’s like we don’t even exist.
• I am not going to promote them that because they are my competitors.
• If people go to them, then they will not need me, and we will lose good people from our support base.

Then I began to think about why I would not recommend this conference. Yes, it is a lot of good content, but is it more content that we need or more community? I mean I had a head full of good biblical content having a Masters in Bible and Theology but still became a sex addict. It has only been by breaking the isolation and getting connected to real men that the battle against my sexual addiction has turned and I am now walking in purity.

Before I had a full head of steam about why I would not promote this summit I stopped and prayed. Clear thinking came, and instead of jealousy, I realized that everyone who is fighting this battle is all on the same team. We need to be promoting one another’s ministries so that as many people as possible can get as much help as possible.

180 is not the be-all and end-all of sexual addiction recovery ministries. They offer online support/mentoring groups (for $89/month which is more than double what we charge ;- ). So, I swallowed my pride, looked into the summit and thought why not promote it to my readers because after all the purpose of everyone is to help those who are struggling.

So, it started yesterday, but I think you can still register and have access to the messages. Here is the link

But one last thought, what will change you is not a book or talk or summit. More knowledge helps a little, but it is coming out of the shadows and joining a community of accountability and support that will be used by the Spirit to transform you. Find a community where you can have both weekly accountability and daily support. Which is the whole reason we started our own OST’s (Online Support Teams).
If you want more information about joining one, please email me at

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