Have You Hit Rock Bottom?

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Have you hit rock bottom?  You will know it when you do. It is a place of finality.  It means that you cannot fall any further. You are out of dreams and schemes. You are waving the white flag of surrender because there is no fight left in you. You realize that you are utterly defeated and out of options.  Oh, and yes, it is a harrowing place to be.

The fall to rock bottom is a long one.  Especially if you are one of those people, who thinks you can get away with anything and can talk yourself out of everything. There is this personal idea that the rules do not apply to you.  You can cut corners, skip steps, and come out on top. However, it has all come crashing down. Your bag of tricks is empty, and you have landed with a huge splat on the granite of life which is rock bottom.

I remember the day that happened to me.  I knew three leaders from my church board were going to meet with me at 10:00 am in my office.  I understood why they were coming.  I knew what they were going to say and I knew my 26-year career in the ministry was going to end in shame and the harsh reality that I was a porn addict and adulterer.

After that meeting, I walked to my car feeling numb.  Oh, I was not on rock bottom yet but was now in free fall and heading there rapidly.  It was Sunday night when I felt the full pain of hitting the granite bottom after confessing to my with and our four adult children. That was when I was crushed beyond my ability to repair, and the bodies of my family had limped away in shock and heavy grief.

As horrible as it sounds, and the sounds are not even close to the pain one feels at that moment, as you lay at rock bottom there is only one way to go.  You cannot even pick yourself up because you are completely broken and you entirely now realize what a horrible, selfish and deceitful person you have become and how deeply you have harmed your loved ones.

In that place, if you lie still and listen, you can hear the voice of God.  You feel like you cannot move because you don’t know what moves to make.  In fact, you are out of moves, out of schemes, out of next plays or next plans.  And if you look carefully on the wall there are some words scratched into the wall.

“Be Still and Know that I Am God.”

Psalm 46:10

He is there, and He is not telling you to get up, be an adult, and fix this mess. He is there not to punish you and make you pay for what He has already paid in full.  He is there to begin to put the pieces of your broken life together again.  He is there to heal the wounds in your soul as well as the wounds you have caused in your family and loved ones.  He simply has a straightforward question to ask.  A question He wants you to answer going forward every day. And that question is;

Will you surrender yourself to me and let me be the Lord of your life?

That is a question that if you can answer it while your face is flat against the granite and you are done with life your way, then you can honestly say;

“Yes Jesus, I surrender all to you. Do with me whatever You want to do.”

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