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Like most Americans, I have a refrigerator in my house and it contains some food to eat.  There are also cans of food in the pantry and two huge grocery stores within a mile from my house.  I never worry about where to find food when I am hungry.

However, life is different when you are in the desert with no electricity and no groceries to be found for miles.  Finding food to eat and water to drink become the absolute first priorities of the day. This was especially true for the Jews in the desert as they were fleeing from Egypt and heading to the promise land. They grumbled about needing water and God provided water.  Then they started to grumble about food and so God made sure they had enough delivered right to their tent every day for 40 years.

I imagine that was an interesting first morning when they came out of their tents to find these wafer-like pieces of “what is it?” lying all over the ground.  They called it manna which is literally the word meaning what is it?  It was like white coriander seed and tasted like “wafers and honey.” So, free food was all over the ground and people stored up as much as they could get but all uneaten excess was rotten the next day, except on a Friday where enough for two days stayed fresh.

I don’t know about you but free food delivered to my door every day might seem nice for a couple of days but eating it every day for 14,600 days it might get a little old. However, don’t miss the miracle here.  There were approximately 1 million people in this group and all of them needed nourishment every day and God provided it.

In my recovery from my sexual addiction, I have learned that there is nourishment that I need every day besides the food I need to eat.  I need to feed my soul and spirit.  When being tempted in the desert after fasting for 40 days Jesus said;

“It is written: ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” 

Just like the manna in the desert, we cannot be nourished spiritually by the word we consumed yesterday.  It needs to be fresh every day.  Which is why making a priority of reading your Bible daily is so critical to recovery.  Recovery from sexual addiction is very hard work and takes daily doses of the Word of God and being connected into a community of other believers who will help you and hold you accountable.

Are you connected with a group of others who are in recovery as well?  Is that group teaching you the biblical truth so that you are recovering spiritually, physically, emotionally and relationally?  That is what we do in our Online Support Teams and I URGE you to break your isolation and get connected with our OST’s.  We have 8 of them going and I will start more to fit your schedule.

I promise you that if you will get serious about finding the freedom God wants to give you it will happen in a 180 Online Support Team.  For more information contact me at;

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