Can You Be Healed from Sexual Addiction?

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Magnum Opus is not a sequel to Magnum P.I. but starring Opie from The Andy Griffith Show.  It is a name given to the work of an artist or writer to describe their most important work.  This morning the idea clicked into my head that it is time to write the work that might become my most important work and it will be titled something like

A Believers Guide to Healing from Sexual Addiction.”

Since January 1, 2012, I have been writing daily emails of encouragement 6 days of a week. I have missed a few and did not start posting them online since September 14, 2012. I figure that is somewhere over 1900 emails. 1354 of them are on my website.  Currently, the emails go out to 1821 people in 49 countries around the world.  Perhaps more countries but not everyone tells me where they live.

I truly believe that God has healed me from my Sexual Addiction.  I know the line that so many people believe is;

Once an addict always an addict.

It certainly is a slogan that is good for repeat business and in the eyes of the world might even be true for some people. However, I believe in the God who spoke the universe into existence out of nothing in 6 days.  I believe in the Savior and Lord who healed a leper, an invalid who was that way for 38 years, people born blind and even raised people from the dead. He even took me from being spiritually dead in my sins and has given me a new life with God and placed His Spirit within me.

Is it not possible for complete healing to come from God?  Of course, it is. However, the reason most people do not talk about it is that it can take a long time and most likely is the result of many factors.  There are so many individual pieces of each person’s addiction that a simple equation will not work for all. There is not one diagnosis and then take this pill and you will be healed.

So, I feel I am finally ready to write what might be my best contribution to believer everywhere in the form of a book based on what I have learned and experienced.  I have carefully been reading and studying in this area and worked with hundreds of people over twelve and a half years.  I also bring a good knowledge of what the Bible teaches to the table and therefore believe that A Believers Guide to Healing from Sexual Addiction will be based on Scriptural truths that apply to all believers.

You are going to get a front row seat as this book is being written.  For me to have the time to do this I am going to write it in the emails I send out starting on Monday.  I hope that you will read them and they will become a guide for you to find your own healing from sexual brokenness.

Lastly, as you read along and begin to do what I have learned we all must do, my prayer is that you will begin to experience more healing.  Please understand that this healing will be conditional. It will come and continue if we are doing what Scripture tells us to do and walk in obedience to the Spirit.  Make no mistake about it even though I believe I am healed I am still tempted.  I am still vulnerable to sexual desires but they no longer control me.  Their pull is far weaker than the Spirit’s strength for me to stay pure.

Monday, open the email or listen to the podcast expecting the healing work of God to continue in your life.  You can experience true healing and many of you have already begun to experience some of it. But I must say that if you remain in isolation you will not find freedom.

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