The Sword of the Spirit – The Word of God!

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The last piece of armor Paul tells us to take up and put on is the sword of the Spirit.  It is the only offensive weapon mentioned in the full armor of God and the metaphor of the word of God being a sword and bread is used in other passages as well.

Remember that every day … every stinking day you and I are in a battle.  We battle against our own sinful nature / our flesh, we live in a fallen world, and we battle against the spiritual forces of darkness. You must understand that these three enemies will do everything they can keep you enslaved to porn and sex. And the only weapon you have is a sword – the Word of God.

I apologize but I get a little tired of people who whine about living in defeat to sexual sin and they cannot make time to learn God’s Word.  They have thoughts like …

  • I don’t have time to read my bible.
  • I can’t memorize Scripture.
  • I cannot understand what it is saying.
  • It does not apply to me and what I am dealing with.

It is interesting to me that people can find hours of time to look at porn but do not have time to read their bible?  The complain they cannot get up early and spend time with the Lord when, if they went to bed at a normal time instead of staying up late to act out they could get up early. Which causes me to think of another 180’ism …

You won’t get up Early if you are Keeping It up Late.

Look, I know you feel defeated … because you are being defeated.  Don’t you think it is time to stop being the victim of your past and what has happened in your life and reach out for help?  I am telling you that you need to get help and join an Online Support Team.

There are men on these teams who are having freedom from their sexual brokenness for the first time in their adult lives. There is a 17-year-old in one group who has 10 weeks of sobriety and a man in his 50’s who has just reached 6 months of sobriety!!! You can be having success in progressing out of your addiction but you will not do it alone.

Even knowing God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and having the indwelling Holy Spirit inside of your body has not been enough. Another trip down the aisle to repent is not enough. I know, shame on me for saying God is not enough.  Of course, He has the power and ability to heal us from anything, however, there are things we have to do before God takes action.

For example, you can pray and fast for days that God will give you a better marriage but until you start loving your wife sacrificially, as Christ loves the church, it will not get better.  If you are struggling financially but refuse to get a job … or another job no pot of gold is going to show up on your doorstep.

There are plenty of things in the Christian life where God acts in response to our obedience.  We are told to bear one another’s burdens, to love one another and help one another not just sit around and wait for someone or something to swoop in and rescue us. The prodigal son would have never felt his father’s forgiving embrace if he never left the pig sty in which he was slopping the pigs.

Take action and join us in the fight.  Online Support Teams have openings and I will even start more.  Your recovery from sexual brokenness is waiting for you but you must take the step to reach out and make the effort yourself.  Then things will begin to change.

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