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It only took 6 weeks for the Nazi’s to roll through France, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands in May of 1940. They were powerful, ruthless and completely dominated the pitiful resistance they encountered. It was not till June 6th, 1944 that the Allied forces began to recapture and liberate Europe from the demonic death grip of Hitler and his killing machine.

It might have slipped past you but 5 days ago was D-Day. The Normandy invasion where 24,000 American, British, and Canadian troops established a beachhead creating a place for troops and equipment to land and begin the battle of the Western Front.

I write about this today because it is a good illustration of what many believers face when they finally get sick of their sexual sin and decide to stop.  Their reality is they now have a battle on their hands because their enemies are entrenched in their minds and spirits and will not give up the ground they have captured easily.

You have given your flesh exactly what it wants by using porn, masturbation, and having sex with other people. It has grown powerful and is a cruel master.  It always wants more and has very gradually taken over more of your time and energy until you finally realize you have become its slave.  A person in Kenya wrote me this morning and said;

“Honestly, I don’t like what am doing because its sinful and evil, but I always find myself already fallen. It has brought a lot of problems in my Christian life and also financially. Am really struggling please help.”

So, for the next week or so I am going to write about how you can begin a recovery that does not end up being another failure.  Sometimes people come to 180 Ministries hoping for a quick fix and perhaps an instant healing.  Sorry, we do not have any of those.  Recovery can and will happen, but it is going to take an invasion to take back the ground you have given over three very powerful enemies … the world, your flesh, and the devil.

You have drifted out of fellowship with God and other believers and given yourself to sexual pleasure. You may be dealing with powerful cravings that seem to just take over and control you and you find yourself acting out again. You plead, promise and beg but nothing seems to change, in fact, it seems to have gotten worse … even a lot worse. A heart inflamed with lust from years of online sex can always find a way to leading you into an adulterous affair or worse.

Suddenly, your marriage is on the line, your family is in danger and you might even be losing your job. You thought you could keep it contained as a secret and you could just have a little on the side whenever you wanted it, but now find yourself wanting it all the time. Desperation grows as the stress of it all has you acting out more frequently and for longer periods of time.

Anxiety filled panic attacks and depression often follows when your best efforts to stop have failed and you think there is no way out. I hope you realize that this is the life of millions of people around the world. You are not alone, in fact, the majority of the people in your church and in your neighborhood are either in the same place or headed in that direction.

It is the biggest secret in the entire world and with porn being available to almost every teenager in the world it will only get worse.


In fact, the power of the forces on our side is far greater than the enemies we face.  Join me tomorrow as we look at what our own D-Day experience needs to be as we begin to take back the ground we have lost to the enemy.

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