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Almost every day I receive emails from people crying out for help with their sexual addiction.  Some are desperate having been beaten down by years of unsuccessful attempts at stopping.  I have received emails from kids age 12 to others in their 70’s all of whom who fear that this sin that has so easily entangled them will never go away.

This sexual behavior is so unique to every person that it is impossible to create an easy program that will bring change.  Every person’s recovery is different and based on a wide variety of factors.  There are no easy solutions or cookie-cutter approach that will be a cure-all for everyone.

However, if I were to boil it down to some of the most basic things one needs to do it would begin with one main thing. The most foundation thing is having a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, having become saved through faith by the grace of God.  If that has happened to you then the Holy Spirit now indwells your body and He is the X-factor.  He is the only one to put our hope in because He has the power we need to be transformed into more godly people.

The next most important factor is your attitude.  If you are going to recover you are going to have to fight a very difficult battle.  The world, your sinful nature, and the forces of demonic powers are aligned against you.  You have spent years if not decades choosing to do this behavior and your body is now addicted to the chemicals it releases into your brain and the pleasure it brings to your body.  Every addict knows that the first battle is to get through withdrawal.

In order to win this battle, you have to be ALL IN.  You have to be committed to working on this every day. Jesus made this very clear when he told his disciples in Luke 9:23;

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross DAILY and follow me.”

The victorious Christian life is not all about going to church, thanking God for your food, and ending the day with “Now I lay me down to sleep…”. It is all about strengthening your relationship with God on a daily basis.  It is surrendering yourself daily and offering Him your body as a living sacrifice as we are commanded in Romans 12:1-2.

There are going to be good days and bad days.  There will be times when you are walking in the power of the Spirit and He is enabling and empowering you to not walk in the flesh. Then there are going to be days of great temptation and you have a battle on your hands.

Here is where your attitude comes in.  If you are making a half-assed attempt to be free from sexual sin you will fail.  If you choose to remain in isolation because of your shame and fear of what others will think you will fail.  If you do not stay vigilant and on alert, to the things around you that are leading you astray one millimeter at a time you will fail.

So, are you ALL IN?  Are you ready to take the steps to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to find the freedom to begin your successful recovery?

Please listen to me.  I have been walking out my recovery since September 9th, 2005. That’s 4,660 days.  Not all of them have been perfect.  I have learned so many lessons about this sin and the work it takes to bring God’s healing.  That is why I started 180 Ministries so that I might have a chance to help you have a successful recovery.

I write these emails so that you will have daily encouragement to help you stay motivated.  We have a program that is helping many people all over the world.  There are 180 groups in a handful of churches and we have 9 Online Support Groups.  If you want help we are ready to give it to you.  Please, break the isolation that is keeping you a slave to sin and connect to a community that will help you grow in your recovery.

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