No Condemnation … But From Who?

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Most believers can quote the first verse of Romans 8.  If you cannot then you should memorize it because it is profound.

Therefore, there is now no condemnation

for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

What that verse is explicitly saying that if you are “in Christ Jesus,” then there is no condemnation from God toward you.  The word condemnation is to “judge someone as definitely guilty and subject to punishment.” This word is only used three times in the New Testament.  The other two usages are in Romans 5:16 and 5:18. In both of those verses, it is used to describe the condemnation that came upon the entire human race because of the sin that was committed in the Garden of Eden.

After that event, Adam and Eve were separated from God, put out of the garden and sin and death entered the human race and has been a part of the life every person ever born.  So, it is a profound statement to read that there is NOW … NO CONDEMNATION!  A solution to the most significant problem that has ever touched every person ever born since the beginning of time has happened.

A solution for me, for you, and everyone.  NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Christ Jesus.  Over the last 24 hours, I have received two texts from two men.  One is receiving condemnation from his wife because of what he has done.  The other is condemning himself and being overcome with feelings of self-loathing.  He wrote;

“Self-worth and self-loathing is overwhelming at times.

Powerful waves of criticism encompassing every aspect of who I am

are crashing down on me relentlessly.”

I remember feeling that way in the months following my confession to my wife. It felt like all the condemnation for all my sins were a ton of bricks hanging over my head while I was still living in sin.  Once the confession was made, they came crashing down on both me … and my family.  Condemnation crushes you and everyone you love.

Satan is joyfully adding to the pallet of bricks dangling over your head by a thread with each sexual sin you commit.  Then, his greatest joy is to cut the thread and damage you and your loved ones.  There may be now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, but there will be damage done by a life of sinful choices.

I remember feeling this huge relief that my sin had been confessed and I no longer had any secrets. However, the pain and suffering from my stupid and selfish choices had impacted my family and scarred them to a certain extent for life.  Those wounds can and will be healed, but there will always be a scar for my wife and children that they will never be able to entirely forget.

No matter how deep the wound or how mutilated the flesh has become of our loved ones, there is healing for them and us.  That healing comes with time and forgiveness. However, there is one thing I needed to understand and so do you.  My sin has placed my wife and my four adult children in a place of temptation.

As difficult as it is for me to deal with my temptation to lust, they have to face the temptation to NOT forgive me.  My flesh lusts for sex.  Their flesh is now inflamed with anger and rage, and for a long time, every day they will be tempted to not forgive you.  They become targets of this temptation to not forgive you, and if they are falling to that temptation, they are waiting for you to make any little slip or even a fall so that they can pour out condemnation on you.

Wow … what a mess our sin has created.  No condemnation for those in Christ Jesus means that God no longer condemns you because Jesus has paid the price for all your sins.  However, that does not mean there will be no condemnation from those around us. This is one of the most challenging things we face in our recovery, and I will go into this tomorrow.

For now, make sure you know and believe that God has no condemnation for you.  Your punishment has been completely paid for by Christ on the Cross.  All you sin completely forgiven whether they be sins of the past, sins of the present and sins of the future.

Give thanks to God daily for that.

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