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Sometimes in doing a word study, it is of value to look at how a word used in the Greek language of the Bible and see how it was used in Classical Greek literature.  Interestingly enough this Greek word is not found at all in any Greek writings other than the Bible and other religious writings.


“…finds its fullest and highest expression in that which is willingly and sacrificially done for others. It is moral and spiritual excellence manifested in active kindness.”

Goodness is actually doing the right thing in our actions with others. It would include helping someone who is in need and perhaps even showing tough love by helping an addict by making them do what needs to be done to confront their addiction.

Now, remember this is a fruit of the Spirit.  It is something He develops in us so that when we see a need that someone has, we take the steps to help them by taking action and do what is the morally right thing for them.

Now, think about that as it relates to sexual addiction.  When we fantasize, look at porn and use someone to satisfy our carnal fleshly desires is there any trace of goodness in those actions?  Of course not.  It is using someone for our own personal moments of pleasure and tossing them aside like a wrapper to our Snickers bar which we throw in the trash and lick the remaining melted chocolate off our fingers.

These people are created in the image of God. The way they look is part of who they are and should be communicating to us something of what God is like. However, we treat them as an object for our selfish sexual pleasure and dispose of them without a second thought as to who they might be, whether or not they are a brother or sister in Christ.  When we use people to our own sensual ends we are in no way going to be experiencing the Spirit’s fruit of Goodness.

I understand what is happening in our brains.  Delicious chemicals are being released as we are becoming sexually excited.  Our frontal lobes where we have the capacity to think, reason, have wisdom and make good decisions go into sleep mode as our animal instincts and sexual desires become inflamed.  We do not reason about right or wrong.  We want what we are desiring and will use other people to our own sexually selfish end.

Is it possible to train ourselves to stop thinking this way?  Can we see each person as a creation of God, made in His image, and instead of taking advantage of what we are seeing begin to think about what their life is like? Is there anything I can do for them that would be morally pure and resulting in doing something good for them?

I would strongly urge you to begin working on doing this.  Over the years I have trained myself to see a beautiful woman and instead of desiring to use her as a sex object I pray this prayer;

“Father, thank you that you made women beautiful.  She is made in your image and I have no right to see her as a sexual object.  Help me to honor You and her by seeing her as a creation of God and please bless her this day.”

It will take time and practice to develop this habit, but it is so liberating.  I know we are taught to bounce our eyes and look away which is not trying to stop the problem but only delays it till the next time.  You can begin to see all people as creations of God.  We can begin to think positive and good thoughts about them and maybe even find a way to show them some of the goodness of God.

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