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If I were to add up all of the people that get my daily emails of encouragement, all the men that are in 180 Online Support Teams, and all the men who are in 180 Ministries in the 7 churches that are using our program I figure it to be about 2300 people in 54 different countries around the world.

I am so excited how God is growing this ministry, but I also realize this is a drop in the bucket if one considers the millions of Christian brothers and sisters who are struggling.  By the way if you are a woman who struggles we are slowly building a support group for you and I hope you will email me about how you can be a part of it as well.

The 5th Critical Lesson of Recovery is all about ending the isolation you are in and finding a team of others you can connect with to help you with weekly accountability and daily support.  So the 5th Critical Recovery Lesson is this …

Critical Recovery Lesson # 5 – Recovery Happens in Community.

Christians are never meant to live in isolation.  When we are isolating ourselves, we are very vulnerable to being defeated by our own sinful nature, the fallen world in which we live and the demonic powers working against us.

Sinful behavior patterns develop and we feel deep shame.  We have made foolish choices and done sinful things so many times that we believe that we cannot tell anyone.  We have become entangled in the sin that so easily entangles us and lose hope for ever being able to recover.  This is not true, but we are going to have to get help from somewhere.

What would you say if I told you that Jesus is not enough?  Of course, He can be and is always able to do anything, even the miraculous.  However, His word clearly teaches us that we need to be connected to one another if we are going to recover.  James tells us to confess our sins to one another, pray for each other, and we will be healed.  Paul writes in Galatians 6 that we are to come alongside one another and bear one another’s burdens and in so doing fulfill the law of Christ.

Jesus himself gathered around Him 12 disciples with whom He lived 24/7 for His three and a half years of ministry.  Paul the Apostle, traveled with companions who included Luke, Barnabas, and Mark. We read in Acts 2 that the first believers met together every day in the Temple courts, broke bread together in one another’s homes and gave to anyone who had a need.

Because I have learned first-hand the value of having a community in my own recovery, I have developed Online Support Teams so that anyone in the world can be connected to other believers for accountability and daily support.  Many people have shared with me that they have tried to have accountability partners who did not know how to do it and then felt let down.  That is because most people do not know how deep this struggle is and how hard it is to finally find freedom.

We now have 9 Online Support Teams and I am willing to start more.  When you are on a team you have access to the 25 videos I have written and produced as well as having the companion workbook.  Each member of each team watches the video of the week before the meeting, we discuss the content and how to apply it, and then we tell the truth to one another without any condemnation.

There are some costs involved but I have vowed to the Lord that I will not let anyone not have access to the materials and the help of being on a team if they cannot afford it.  So, both of the costs are negotiable and I only ask that you pay what you can honestly afford.  It is a bad “business plan” but we are not a business but a ministry.

Please email me if you would like to join one of our Online Support Teams and we will get that worked out so that you can begin to recover in a community and escape the peril of isolation.


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