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Whether it is watching the World Series, the Super Bowl, or the World Cup most of us like to see a really close match.  Part of the thrill is watching a nail biter coming down to the last second and seeing our team win it in the end.

On the other hand, when one team is so much better and stronger and completely slaughters the other team it is not fun to watch. Here are some of the worst blowouts of all time in sports.

  • NFL Championship Game: Chicago Bears 73, Washington Redskins 0
  • Horse Racing: Secretariat wins Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths
  • Tiger Woods wins 2000 U.S. Open by 15 strokes
  • Football: Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland 0
  • World Cup Soccer Semifinals: Germany 7, Brazil 1
  • Big Ten Championship Game: Ohio State 59, Wisconsin 0
  • Baseball: Texas Rangers 30, Baltimore Orioles 3
  • NBA Finals, Game 3: Chicago Bulls 96, Utah Jazz 54
  • Boxing: Mike Tyson def. Marvis Frazier, 30-second TKO

For those of us who are in recovery from sexual addiction, there is one thing we must know … we are in a fight.  It is not a fight to win a trophy or a championship ring.  It is not a fight for glory or glamor. It is a fight for survival and for some, it is a fight to the death.

I believe one of the main reasons people struggle to get free from sexual addiction is they greatly underestimate the battle they are in and what it takes to win that fight.  It is not a world championship played on one day of the year.  It is a day by day battle where every day we are either gaining or losing ground.  There is no dramatic build-up to one final clash.  It is fought in the trenches and won only by daily discipline, proper training and being on a strong team.

So that we can really appreciate this battle let us do a scouting report on the opposing team so that we know what we are up against.  We all need to understand that we have 3 enemies or forces working against us.

The first enemy is our Flesh or our Sin Nature.  There is this part of us that we are born with which the Bible calls our flesh.  It is this thing inside of us which is sinful by nature and manifests itself first through rebelliousness and selfishness.  We do not want to be told what we can or cannot do and we consider ourselves as more important than others.  It was there when we were born and will be with us until we die, and in it dwells all the sinful desires that we have cultivated over the years. So, our first enemy is internal, and we have been fighting it for years while in some ways giving in to its desires.

The second enemy is our Fallen World.   Reason and the Enlightenment were supposed to deliver to us a world or peace, progress, and prosperity.  However, what do we see instead?  The rich get richer and the poor are getting poorer.  Look at what is happening around the world with wars, dictators, destruction, starvation and people fleeing their homes just to try and find a safe place to live. Millions of people live in slavery and human beings who are teens and children are sold into sex trafficking.  Evil seems to be the ruler of this present age and it seeks death and destruction for all.

The Third enemy is the powers of demonic forces.  As Paul writes in Ephesians 6:12;

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

So, I like to say it this way.  Here is our reality every day.  We have an enemy dwelling within us, our flesh.  We have an enemy fighting against us, demonic powers.  And we are living behind enemy lines.  Situation … Not Good.  Forecast … tough road ahead.  Reality … we are in a battle for our very lives.

Do you see why we cannot find freedom from our sexual addictions in our isolation by living on the Path of Least Resistance? Why we cannot just go with the flow and let go and let God? No, every day we need to wake up, get up and prepare for the battle that is constantly warring against us.

Tomorrow we will begin to learn what we must do and how we must fight for our freedom!!!

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