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One of the most critical things I try and tell believers is that if they are going to recover from their sexual brokenness or addiction it must be done by the Spirit transforming us.  Here are three things we need to realize about the Spirit.

  • The Holy Spirit is God. Equally God with the Father and the Son.
  • The Holy Spirit lives inside of our bodies. (Ephesians 1:13-14)
  • The Holy Spirit will live inside of our bodies forever.

I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; that is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you and will be in you.

The reason the Spirit dwells inside of our bodies is that God knows we need His help if we are going to experience the Christian life that He has for us. If we were alone and without Him trying to deal with our flesh and sinful nature, in this fallen world, and doing battle with the spiritual forces of darkness then we would not stand a chance.  So, God literally dwells inside of our bodies. The question becomes;

“How do I receive His help?”

There are numerous things the Spirit will do in our lives.  He is to give us the power to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8).  He gives to each of us spiritual gifts for us to use within our church to help each other. He is a comforter and counselor for the difficult times in life.  AND most importantly He is in us to transform us into being people becoming more like Jesus. We see this work when we begin to see the fruit of the Spirit as we are told in Galatians 5.

If you are hoping to work on your recovery and make progress by remaining isolated and trying harder, you will fail. All we can do by ourselves is to try to abstain from sexual sin.  I had 8 years of losing that battle and I only went deeper into more sexual sin.

God commands us to live sexually pure lives which apart from Him would be impossible.  So, the Spirit has been placed inside of our bodies so that we might not just keep working on abstaining from sexual sin but so that we can be being transformed by the Spirit and experiencing real change in who we are.  He wants to transform our hearts and our minds so that we live more like Jesus by His power and not merely our trying.

The word for transformation is literally the Greek word – metamorphosis.  When we hear that word, we think of a caterpillar who is a lowly grub crawling along the ground, finds its way onto a place where it can spin its cocoon and wait for metamorphosis to take place.  Then after it has changed into a butterfly it breaks out and flies all over the place.  What a shame it would be if after becoming a butterfly it would go back to the ground and just continue to crawl around in the dirt.

That is precisely what we are doing if we are not allowing the Spirit to be in control of our lives.  We are butterfly’s, born again and new creations of God, but instead of flying we are crawling along the ground feeling sorry for ourselves. Thinking, man, I wish I could be like that Christian who seems to be flying all the time.  If only I had wings or the capacity to fly. Well, guess what?  You can fly but it will only be by being filled with and transformed by the Holy Spirit.

How does this transformation take place in our lives?  Do I have to work up to it?  Do I have to make myself clean enough so that God will do His work?  How many days do I need to abstain from sexual sin before God begins to work in my life?

The great news is He is ready to go each and every day.  He is in you waiting for you to stop trying to do it yourself by working harder.  Plus, He is waiting for you to find a group of other believers who can help you grow in purity.  That is what we will talk about tomorrow.

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