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It might come as a shock to many Christians that because we have placed our faith in Christ and have become members of God’s family that there is now a target on our backs.  When we were born again, and God took us from being dead in sin to being alive in Christ we also went from being a friend of this world to becoming an enemy of the devil.

The Christian Life is both a battleground and a testing ground. We are commanded to “put on” the full armor in Ephesians 6.  This verb is an imperative in the Greek which means we are commanded to do it and to do it with the sense of urgency.  That becomes clear because immediately following the command is a description of the 4 levels of demonic powers with whom we are forced to do battle.

The reality that Paul does not simply tell us we are in a battle but specifically lists our enemies should not be casually overlooked.  We are told that our battle is NOT against flesh and blood, but against …

  • but against the rulers,
  • against the powers,
  • against the world forces of this darkness,
  • against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Now, if you wanted to join the armed services of the United States of America you cannot just walk into the recruiting office, sign up and they automatically give you three hots and a cot. Before you are part of the “boots on the ground” crowd, you need to be ground up and remade into a lean and mean fighting machine. So, off you go to boot camp where someone will be in your face and you will be stripped of your individuality and freedoms and become a cog in the mighty war machine.

Why do they do that?  It is because when you go into battle your life and the lives of those around you depend upon you doing what you will need to do to stay alive.  Real battle means real bullets and real bombs that will really hurt you and one careless moment can be catastrophic.

What the military drills into you the church wants to ignore.  Somewhere along the line pastors become more concerned with growing attendance instead of equipping the saints.  Worship services must be entertaining and sermons like a warm cup of tea helping the sheep to remain calm as the false gospel of prosperity teaches us that God’s goodness is found in monetary success.

Church becomes a country club and ignores its calling of being an emergency room for those being broken in the battle of our fallen world. Our focus has become what does the consumer want instead of what does the warrior need.

Discipleship has moved from the rigors of life-giving disciplines into small groups sitting on leather couches, sipping coffee, and eating yet another unnecessary desert.  Where ignorance is pooled, and a false sense of security is dispensed.

People are always asking me why is recovery so freaking difficult?  Why is it that when we try to stop sexual sin and do the right thing that we find ourselves feeling the powerful effect of withdrawal and an almost irresistible pull back to the cesspool of sexual sin?

It is because your life matters.  Actually, living the Christian life and not just pretending to be a follower of Jesus will make you a dangerous person.  You will feel the call to cast off the frivolities of life and pursue eternal rewards.  You will discover that in the words of Jesus when He said …

“If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.”

This was not a suggestion for just those in the first century … but are as applicable today as the day He spoke them.

A soldier must deny himself and obey his commanding officer.  An athlete must deny himself and go into serious training.  All who claim the name of Christ need to be trained and equipped for the battle, for the enemy is real and his intent is your destruction.

This week I want to talk about this with the idea that if we are to not just move forward in our recovery but actually fight our way to freedom, we must become unencumbered and unentangled from those things that are causing us continuing defeat.

Yes Sir … we ARE in the LORD’s ARMY whether we want to be or not. It is time to get serious and go to war!!!

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