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If there is one saying people who are around me and 180 Ministries long enough learn it is this;


 The primary reason Christians who are entangled in the sin that so easily entangles them is because they are ashamed they have become ensnared in sexual sin. There was a day when our culture believed that adultery was wrong for a married man, women valued virginity and being chaste, premarital sex was considered inappropriate and most people valued sexual purity.

That world is long gone.  Now it is friends with benefits, hooking up for casual sex and as far as a partner or partners is concerned anything goes.  This has come from the shift in our cultural morals and the basic belief that if it feels good, do it. Then do it again, and again, and again, and again. Don’t worry about pregnancy, STD’s, sex trafficking and destroying your life.  That will probably not happen to you.

However, in spite of all this, there is still this dreaded emotion that camps out on your front lawn waiting for another opportunity to turn on his loudspeakers and yell SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!!!

Whether we want to admit it or not when we keep falling into sexual sin our shame, guilt, and fear drive us into isolation and we are scared to death to share that with anyone.  We believe that everything will be fine and that we can deal with this ourselves.

However, we can look back and see that things have not been getting better.  They are getting worse.  Our frequency of acting out and the intensity of the porn we use is increasing instead of decreasing.  What used to be a wow experience is now ho-hum and we need to find something with a little more shock value.  Only to be shocked at the depth we have fallen to.

Enter even more shame and the cycle of addiction is taking you further than you ever thought you would go and deeper into darker and more serious sexual depravity.

There is only one solution to this problem of shame filled isolation.  It is time to take off the mask and connect with other believers who are also struggling and help one another. This is not just some simple suggestion of something you might want to think about.  It is as essential as breathing air is to extend your life.

Yesterday, we talked about creating your sexual sin inventory which I hope you have begun or are planning on working on it this weekend.  That is breaking your own isolation from yourself and God.  We isolate ourselves from ourselves.  I know that sounds dumb, but we do that when we are living in DENIAL.  We are not telling ourselves the truth and naively believe everything will be ok.

How has that been working for you?  So, we tell the truth to God and to ourselves and that is the beginning of breaking isolation.  We have exhausted ourselves trying to stop and failed at that.  So, we either give up or do another round of pleading with God to make it stop.

Now, do you really think that God could make this stop?  I mean He is God and omnipotent, or all powerful.  He created the Universe out of nothing in 7 days so sure, I think He is up to the task. However, He rarely does this.  First, He would need to completely remove all sexual desire from your body.  Second, He would have to completely remove you from all the sexual temptations of our world. Third, He would have to remove all demonic forces who are trying their best to influence you.

Do you want to know why He has not done that?  Because for Him to do that He would have to end your life here and take you to heaven.  But He is not ready for that because you are still here.

Instead, He wants us to learn from the trials and temptations of this life.  He has given us three critical things that we need in order to survive and to learn how to live in purity even while we are in this filthy world.

He has given us His Spirit to dwell in us and to transform us.

He has given us His Word to teach us and guide us.

He has called us to live in community with one another and to help each other.

Listen these are not suggestions that we may or may not need.  They are essentials for survival in this world.  And the one we ignore the most, to our peril, is being in a community where we can be open and honest and receive help from one another defeat this enemy that has been destroying us.

Stop being the stupid sheep that wanders away from the shepherd and the flock only to be consumed again by the roaring lion who is prowling around seeking another dumb sheep to devour.

Find a community of others who know how to help one another and are doing it on a weekly and daily basis.  We do that here at 180 and they are called our Online Support Teams.  If there is not one of the 10 that fits your schedule, then let me know and I will start one just for you. That is how every group has started … with just one man and then others start to show up.


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