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We are working through the 180 Basic Training Manual which is teaching you the most fundamental things we need to know and do for our journey of recovering from our sexual brokenness to be successful.  Here is a quick review of what we have covered so far, and you can read all of them or listen to the podcasts on my website.

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  1. We are all in a war.

  2. Our attitude must be we are ALL IN.

  3. We must know that God’s love for us is unconditional and eternal.

  4. We must know that ALL of our sins – past, present and future are completely and eternally forgiven.

  5. We must know that God has placed the Holy Spirit inside of our bodies and He has the power to transform us over time.

  6. We must create our Sexual Sin Inventory – a record of our sexual history. Just the facts without the details.

  7. We must end the isolation in which we have been living.

I can tell you who is going to win the NCAA March Madness Championship.  Sure, you thought Duke is the answer, however, after watching them almost lose to UCF you are not so sure … right?  The team that is going to win is the team that best plays as a team.  Winning teams are groups of players who not only know the game and have a great coach, but they work together as a team and play strong offense and defense.  That is true in any sport from the National Football League to the FIFA World Cup.

Trying to find the healing we need to be able to walk out of your sexual addiction is very difficult.  The first problem is shame.  We are afraid that if we open up to a men’s group at church or some of our friends, they will reject us as some pathetic loser who cannot control our sexual urges.  So, we try and continue fighting this battle alone and we keep getting slaughtered.

Here are the four most important things a recovery team must do.

  1. It must be a place where you can be completely honest without there being condemnation. A place where you can tell the truth and not be rejected.


  1. It must have a biblical curriculum that deals with this issue according to what the Scriptures teach us about our sin, the truth about God’s love and forgiveness, and how we are to help one another.


  1. It must be a team that meets weekly and is ongoing. Some curriculums last for 8 – 10 weeks and then end. This battle is going to be ongoing and so the group you are in needs to be ongoing as well.


  1. It must be a team that works to give you weekly accountability as well as daily support. They need to be there for each other 24/7 so that when someone is being tempted, they have someone else moments away … which we can now do with the technology of smartphone and even dumbphones.


These are things I have learned over the past 10 years of helping men deal with their sexual brokenness.  These are all issues I have had to learn in my own recovery and then have used that knowledge to train other men who lead our teams both in person in their church as well as teams that meet online.

In the fall of 2017, because I was finding it almost impossible to find churches wanting to have 180 Ministries begin in their church, I started meeting with men online in what we call our Online Support Teams or OSTs.

We started with 1 and have now grown to 10.  In these 10 OSTs, we have about 82 men in 10 different nations, who are getting the help they need. Some of them are having the best success of their lives in walking in purity.  They are learning the biblical truths of recovery from the Bible, the practical steps to walking in the Spirit, and most importantly are getting weekly accountability AND daily support from their team members.  All without condemnation and these men are iron sharpening iron.

We have 10 OSTs going on now and I would like to have 10 more by the end of this year. The 25 video sessions and workbook will teach you everything you need to know about recovery.  The OSTs will give you the practical help we all need in fighting this battle.  And instead of living in isolation and getting slaughtered you are on a team and have men at your sides fighting with you.

And the costs for this strong program that works and can potentially save your life, marriage, family, and job?  Completely negotiable … we only ask that you pay what you can honestly afford if our already modest prices are too much for you.

I have told the Lord that I will not allow any man to not get the help they need if they cannot afford it.  Everyone pays something.  You pick your price.  Crazy huh?  I am not in this to make money.  I am in this to help men.  Email me if you are interested and just want to sit in on one of our OSTs.

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