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It is the mind that controls our bodies.  However, who or what controls our mind?  Our minds are the most amazing things on this planet.  Let’s compare it to what man has developed, the computer.  The average computer can hold about 250,000 pictures, 20,000 songs, and hundreds of full-length movies.

Your mind can perform an estimated 10 Quadrillion (10,000,000,000,000,000) operations per second without you even knowing it.  It is doing 6 Trillion things to your 60 Trillion cells every single second. Now, take this all with a grain of salt because I learned it online.

However, suffice it to say our mind is the most incredible thing about us as far as its power, capabilities, and potential.  We all have a conscious mind as well as a sub-conscious. And if you ask my wife, she might tell you I have an “unconscious” mind which I use most of the time.

All of us who struggle with sexual brokenness realize that it is what happens between our ears that affects what happens below our waist.  What happens between our ears is based on the input that has entered our mind through our senses.  Things that we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch all pour information into our brain and stores it there.

The strongest of our 5 senses is sight.  It has the power of seeing something and storing that image in our brains for decades and maybe even for life.  The good news is this ability is extremely helpful for our day to day living.  The bad news is we have developed our own adult book store in our mind with any number of memories of sexual sin and a huge collection of sexual fantasies.

So, when it comes to our sight it is the main information portal that we have used to watch porn and act out.  Therefore, it makes sense that if we are going to recover from sexual brokenness it will demand learning how to control our thoughts.

Yesterday we learned about the difference between seeing and looking.  We cannot always control what we see but we do have a choice of what we look at.  Seeing occurs whenever anything enters our field of vision.  I just returned from a visit to my doctor’s office and I saw millions of things.  The vast majority of those sights were nothing unusual and I will never have a second thought about them.

However, it is when we see something or someone that is in any way sensual to us, we have a decision to make.  Will I capture that image, look carefully at it and store it in my mind to lust after or will I use the self-control that I can develop by the Holy Spirit and not think about that person in a sexual way?

The first thing we need to realize is to believe that we have a choice. We cannot always control what we see or what comes into our line of vision when we are out in public, haphazardly watching media or scrolling through websites on the internet.  However, we can choose what we will look at or focus on.

For example, I have a number of people who use me as an accountability partner for their internet use through Covenant Eyes.  When I get their weekly report, I am informed of all websites they went to that might have had adult content.  Some of them I can clearly realize to be a porn site simply by the URL or web address. Others not so much.  So, on occasion, I will go to the site to see what they were looking at.

Covenant Eyes warns me that there might be images that are pornographic.  I can stop there or click the link that tells me to go there anyway.  Now, I do not have any desire to see look at porn so I prepare myself for might show up and click the link.  It takes about a split second for me to see if there are porn images and I immediately click to close the webpage.  I see that the images are porn … but I do not look at them.

In fact, I can honestly say that I have no desire to look at images of naked people.  I am 13+ years into my recovery and the Spirit of God has transformed my heart and mind to the point that porn is disgusting to me.  So, closing the webpage is easy. In fact, it just looks stupid to me and in a very real way, it’s gross.

How did this change happen in my mind and how can it happen in you? By the grace of God, I learned a way to help me to stop looking at sexual images or seeing a beautiful person and using them as an object over which to lust.  It is rather simple and if done faithfully over a period of time it can change you as well.

When I see something or someone that is attractive to me, I first capture the thought and speak to myself about it.  If I am alone in my car or home, I can say these words out loud.  If I am in a public place, I say them to myself in my head.  I say this prayer to God and myself;

“Lord, thank you that you made that person beautiful and attractive.  They are created in the image of God and I do not have the right to disrespect You or them and treat them as an object for my lust.  They are a real person and not something to use for my lusts. Help me to honor both You and them by seeing them as a person created in your image and worthy of respect.”

Tomorrow I will explain to you why and how this has made a huge difference in my life and recovery.  Memorize it if you want or just grasp the meaning of what is being said and put it into your own words.

Lord, help all of us to develop self-control by your Spirit.  Thank you that I can control my thoughts and I do not have to continue to be a slave to my lusts.  Fill me with your Spirit and empower me to walk in the Spirit so I do not fulfill the desires of my flesh.

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