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I can tell you exactly where I was 40 years ago today.  I was sitting in a restaurant in Portland Oregon with my fiancé Mona Little, our family and friends at our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding.

Tomorrow, Mona and I will be heading to New York City to celebrate 40 years of marriage.  She has wanted to go to NYC her whole life and so this is how we are planning to celebrate.  We will be staying about 1 block from Central Park, seeing the sites, going to a couple of Broadway shows and celebrating 40 years of marriage and the incredible Grace of God.

It is truly a miracle that we have made it through these 40 years especially considering my sexual brokenness and the pain it has caused her, our kids and myself. However, God has walked us through the past 5,027 days and brought the healing both of us needed.

I realize that I am very blessed that she and I have been able to walk through all this garbage and experience the healing of God in our own wounds and those I have caused.  I know many men and that has not been the case for them, and their wives divorced them.  I wish you did not have to experience that pain but know that even in that pain God can bring healing.

One of the gifts I have planned for Mona is that she will have my full and undivided attention. So, I will not be sending emails or podcasts until Friday morning of next week. However, I will not leave you stranded without getting daily encouragement via my emails or podcasts.  Every one of them is posted on my website.

2,053 emails can be found here – https://180recover.com/blog/

360 podcasts can be listened to here https://180recover.com/podcasts/

You can use the search bar and look up any email or podcast by the subject that might be of interest or of value to you.

I know I will be going through writer’s withdrawal but looking forward to some much-needed rest and a wonderful time with my most wonderful wife of 40 years.


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