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If you have been reading my emails of encouragement or listening to my podcasts you know that on a fairly consistent basis, I share with you good solid biblical truth that applies directly to the struggles all of us have with sexual brokenness.

These daily forms of encouragement come from my heart and you know I have been where you are and have had to deal with my own strong sexual addiction. I have been through the painful disclosure to my wife and children as well as suffered the shameful end of my 26 years of full-time ministry as a Pastor.

That all began on September 9th, 2005.  After 4 years or working on my own recovery, reading a tremendous number of good books on the subject and learning from my own mistakes, I started a ministry at Vineyard Columbus called 180 in February 2009.

That ministry began with 9 men on a Monday night and over the years has grown to over 100 men every week.  So, we started 5 other 180 Ministries at other local churches so that the leaders I trained could have a 180 at their own church.

About 5 years ago I began to do some serious work on what the Bible teaches us about sexual sin and how to walk in purity.  Over the next two years, I began writing and teaching this information at our 180 Ministry at Vineyard Columbus.  We made recordings of those 25 lessons and they are what make up the content of the 180 Recovery Program.

For the past two years, we have made these videos available to churches that want to start a 180 Ministry and to individuals who want to join our Online Support Teams.  We now have 12 Online Support Teams with about 100 men in them.  The men watch the videos before the meeting, we discuss the content, hold one another accountable and pray for each other.  They are working really well for most of the men who work the program.

So, now here is the crazy part, I thought why not make these 25 videos of the 180 Recovery Program available to everybody?  You are reading this email because you have asked for me to encourage you daily with the emails and podcasts.  Over 2400 of you are receiving these messages of encouragement 6 days a week.

How would you like to learn exactly what the Bible teaches us about walking in sexual purity and how that can be accomplished?  These 25 videos are a carefully thought through series of the Biblical steps anyone should be taking to find freedom from this addictive behavior.

So, I am making these videos available to everyone who wants them.  So, they are available to you for the asking.  However, you are probably thinking … “Wait a minute John, what is the cost?”

I know that many of you cannot afford to pay hardly anything while others of you could easily afford the $180.00 we are asking for the 25 videos and the workbook.  BUT HOLD ON!!!



Even though we would like to receive $180.00 what if I were to tell you that I will sell them to you for whatever you can honestly afford? Like Moses bargaining with God about saving Sodom and Gomorrah, I am willing to bargain with you.

Can you afford $180?  SOLD

Can you afford $120?  SOLD

Can you afford $100? SOLD

Can you afford $80? SOLD

Can you afford $50?  SOLD

Can you afford $25?  SOLD

Can you afford $10? SOLD

Can you honestly pay nothing for them and want them for free?  SOLD!!!

My thinking is that if I have produced a truly Biblical program that could help the millions of men who are struggling with this why should I keep anyone from getting the help they need.

I am dead serious about this! You tell me what you can honestly afford and I will send you an invoice for that amount plus tax and you will have the biblical answers you need to begin your own strong recovery journey and walk out of your addiction the same way I have done it.

They are all online and can be accessed on Vimeo or on my Google Drive and the workbook is a pdf file.  So there are no shipping costs.

Listen, God has me on a mission to help every Christian man who is struggling with sexual brokenness through porn, sex, and masturbation learn the biblical truths God has given us in His Word.

Just tell me that amount you can honestly afford and my invoice for that amount will come through PayPal. Once you make that payment, I will give you access to all 25 of the 180 Recovery Program videos and a copy of the workbook to be used while watching the videos.


Any questions?  Just ask!!!

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    Randy Salisbury

    Hi John,
    I am interested in the videos and workbook. I could afford $100. I appreciate you and your mission. I’m sure we will be talking after the meeting on Thurs at 10pm we can discuss videos and workbook too. Thank you sir!

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