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I have never really been much of a hunter … well, at least not for animals to shoot that is.  However, when it comes to looking for anything of a sexual nature, I have been hunting for over 50 years.

Exposed to porn in 1965 at the age of 12 my eyes were opened to how exciting it was to see naked women. I can still remember the first porn photos I looked at and suddenly going to the pool every day in the summer became an opportunity to see girls and women in bathing suits and my imagination was off and running.  I was especially fixated on my best friend’s older sister who I found very attractive and she became my favorite sex object and fantasy. I was 13 and she was 16.

One of the problems we all experience is that we have become extremely good at scanning whatever situation we are in and going on the hunt for a glance or a look at something sexual that turns us on.  It can be the receptionist behind the desk when you enter an office building.  It can be the nurse caring for you on your death bed.  It could be another person you work with or just ride up the elevator with.

Forget about trips to the health club where spandex reigns supreme or even going to church on a Sunday morning.  Our brains put us on high alert hoping we will be able to see something that turns us on sexually.  Am I right???

Let’s call what we do by what it is.  We are on the hunt.  We are alert and focused and whatever mission we may be on that day it becomes more interesting if we are on the hunt.

Most of my hunting was when I lived in Northern Arizona and used to go out in the high desert and hunt for quail.  Tiny little birds that can take off like a rocket leaving you a split second to get a shot off with a small chance of hitting anything.  It was just fun and good exercise and a good way for a pastor to blow off some steam on a Monday after services on Sunday.

One time some guys in my church invited me to go deer hunting with them.  I had been given a rifle by a man who used to hunt so I bought my deer tag and off we went into the mountain region around Flagstaff Arizona.  It was a brisk early winter’s day with clear blue sky and sunshine.  Nearby was Humphreys Peak with an elevation of 12,633 feet and snow-covered year-round.

It was a beautiful day in a beautiful setting, but we were not there to admire and take in the beauty of nature.  We were looking for deer to stock the freezer with steaks so that we could survive the long winter. Then again there was also Costco who had a pretty good meat counter.  But we were getting back to our primal roots and it was exciting.

I knew nothing about hunting deer but apparently, you walk around hoping to find one who will turn sideways and poise while looking at you and give you the time to aim your rifle and fire.  I was told that I needed to look for deer sign.  I had seen some deer signs along the road.  Big yellow squares turned on their side with the image of a deer seeming to take flight on it.  But I was not dumb enough to think those were the deer signs they were talking about.

Deer sign, to put it simply, is poop.  Deer poop was what we were looking for.  Piles of little round turds about the size of a pinto bean on the ground.  Apparently, where there is poop there is the possibility of the pooper still being in the area. Especially if the deer “sign” was fresh and I did not even want to think about how one would determine its freshness factor.

Now get this picture in your mind.  Here I am in the absolutely beautiful setting, a snow-topped mountain in sight, surrounded by evergreens and ponderosa pine trees.  But that was not what I was supposed to be looking at or seeing.  Nope, my job was to look for freshly plopped poop.

And that my friends is exactly what we do when we go anywhere and we are on the hunt. We could be standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon but hoping to get another glimpse of some cleavage.  We could be in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and more focused on a sensual woman than seeing the masterpieces on the wall.

So, listen to me.  How many years of life have we wasted and how many great things have we missed seeing because we were on the hunt for another moment of titillation.

This Saturday our entire family is heading to the beach on the outer banks of North Carolina. I can tell you what I am not going to do.  I am not going to be on the beach hunting for another boob I might see or some woman wearing a thong.  Do I really need to see another woman’s butt cheeks? The answer is NO!

What I will see and keep my focus on will be the beauty of being at the beach.  The crashing waves and playing in the sand with my grandchildren.  The thrill of body surfing which is possibly one of the most fun things that I love to do.  Building sand castles with the kids and watching the one-year-old – Benny – to make sure he is not eating too much sand.

This will be fun, and this will be one of the most cherished and beautiful things in my life.  Something I can miss if I am on the hunt for another cheap sexual thrill.  Maybe gouging out our right eye is not such a bad idea Jesus had after all.


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