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After being baptized by John and defeating satan 3 – 0 in the Desert World Series, it is time for Jesus to begin his ministry.  John the Baptist is arrested so Jesus takes His first road trip to the Sea of Galilee. However, before leaving for Galilee He preaches in the synagogue in his home town, and casts out a demon from one of the members … probably a deacon.

Jesus starts teaching people in Galilee and they are amazed.  They noticed two things about His teaching. First, it made sense to them and second His words had authority.  His words hit home and were clear and understandable.  Then, even more exciting, after eating at Peter’s home and healing his mother-in-law many brought the sick people in town to Him and He healed them.

Jesus also began to round up His posse.  He preaches from Simon’s boat and after the message He then tells Simon to take his boat out to catch some fish.  Simon is a little put off having been out fishing all night and catching nothing now hearing advice from a carpenter’s son who knows nothing about fishing.  Fishing time was over and if you don’t catch them at night you will never catch them in the day.

However, they do as Jesus tells them to do and they find so many fish in their nets that the nets begin to tear.  Calling for others to help, they get the fish into two boats and weight from the fish causes the boats to begin to sink. Best fishing day ever and Simon is in such a state of shock he falls to his knees and says;

“Go away from me Lord, for I am a sinful man!”

Simon Peter and his fishing buddies are in amazement because of this massive catch of fish. Pete is already thinking of how to make the most of this … maybe Jesus would join his crew and they will own the fishing market, but Jesus has other plans and says from now on they will follow Him and start catching men.

So, Simon Peter, Andrew his brother, James, and John leave Galilee and head to Capernaum.  Jesus teaches in the synagogues all over Galilee and casts out demons. And then something happened that stops Mark from giving us a general overview of the Road Trip and zeros in on one amazing event.

As they are traveling along Jesus comes face to face with a leper.  Actually, since lepers were required to cover their heads and call out “Unclean, Unclean” and steered clear of any other people … I am thinking maybe Jesus seeing and hearing this poor leper crossed the street to meet him while everyone else kept their distance.

The man falls to his knees and is pleading with Jesus and says to Him;

“If You are willing, You can make me clean.”

Jesus sees this man covered in rags and wrought with leprosy and understood that more painful than the disease was the condemnation that came with it from all the other people because surely, he was in this state because he and or his parents had sinned against God.

The leprosy was eating away at his flesh, but shame, guilt, and fear were destroying his soul. No remedy was known, and no one had ever been healed except a couple of miracles in Israel’s ancient history.  However, for some reason, this leper is kneeling before Jesus and begging Him to make him clean.

Everyone is watching to see what He will do.  He was breaking a lot of rules to even get close to a leper much less engage in conversation with one.  But instead of staying away from him we are told that Jesus was moved with compassion.  So much so that He reached out and touched the man.  Now this would have been unthinkable to the crowd and yet Jesus puts His hand on the unclean and says;

“I am willing; be cleansed.”

And immediately the leprosy left him.  Like instantly he is completely healed. His skin has returned to normal and all the ravages of this deadly disease are instantly gone.  Shock and awe were all around.  And then Jesus tells him to go show himself to the priest and make an offering according to Moses.  But he doesn’t do it.  He goes out and proclaims it to everyone he sees.

And when people hear that Jesus has healed a leper so many people came to find Him for their own healing that Jesus could no longer go to a city without being mobbed. People were coming from everywhere because this carpenter’s son can do anything!!!

Those of us who have become addicted to sexual sin can feel like lepers.  We live in a shame and fear-filled world where keeping out secret becomes more and more difficult as we sink deeper and deeper into sexual sin.

We cry out to Jesus to heal us but over time we go back to sex because we have gone to it so often and found it to be such a great escape that we are willing to put up with the guilt just for another fix.

Jesus will answer your prayers for healing.  It just might not be as quickly as you desire.  It takes time, knowledge, work and being done in a community.  If you are still trying to figure this out on your own why not let us help you?  Email me about our Online Support Teams.

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