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When the life of a child is in danger any good parent will seek to overcome every obstacle to try and save their child. Such was the case with a man named Jairus who was one of the rulers of the synagogue. He was kind of like the Senior Pastor of the Jewish congregation.  He would have been well known and highly respected for his position.

However, when we meet him, he is a father desperate to have Jesus heal his dying daughter.  Jairus says that his daughter was actually at the point of death. So, this is like an ambulance with sirens wailing and lights flashing desperation act.  He doesn’t care that Jesus is surrounded by a large crowd, who is next in line and demonstrating maturity at waiting patiently for his turn.

This is “Pardon me, I am sure your bunion needs attention and that ingrown toenail looks like it hurts … but my daughter is at death’s door, get out of my way, I need help RIGHT NOW!!!

So, Jesus and Jairus head to his house and the whole mob of people are scuffling along with them with Jairus’s blood pressure elevating with every slow step. To make matters worse Jesus stops and says;

“Who touched Me?”

It was a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. It was like her menstrual period started and did not stop for 4380 days with no hope of it ending in sight.  Until she saw Jesus.  Now, this is a woman on a mission for herself.  She has spent all of her money on many doctors and none of them had helped her but had helped themselves to her money and now even that was gone.

She is thinking that if she can just get close enough to touch the hem of his outer garment she would be healed.  I am not sure where that idea came from.  It was not like Jesus had a sign on His back saying; “Touch the hem of my garment if you want to be healed!”  She just strongly believed it … so much so that when she did touch Jesus it was different from every other person who may have touched Him that day.

Her faith released His power and she was healed … instantly.  I am thinking they could save a lot of time and energy just hanging Jesus’s garment on a coat hook somewhere and just let everybody come up and touch it.  Forget about having an Emergency Room at the hospital just hang the garment at the drive-through and so many lives could easily be changed.  But I digress.

Jesus tells her that her faith made her well and she could go in peace and be healed from her affliction.

However, someone, there was having anything but peace and that was Jairus who wished they were sprinting to his home instead of talking to some poor bleeding woman.  And while he was fuming away boiling in his impatience someone from his home comes up and says never mind your daughter is dead. She had been near death’s door when Jairus left the house and now he hears the most horrible words any parent can hear … your child is dead.

Jesus hears all of this and says to the synagogue official some very curious words;

“Do not be afraid any longer, only believe.” 

I know the scoreboard says Game Over.  She was at death’s door but now she has gone through that door and the door is shut.  She is gone and that means she is gone forever.

But Jesus wants to do another miracle that day … giving life back to someone who has died. Now I do not think Jesus had a “To-Do List” from His Father each day and next on that list was “Raise the Dead Girl.”  However, something in Him knew here was another opportunity to show people how important faith can be when God is in the picture.

Jesus enters the home, and everyone is weeping and wailing.  This is what they do and have done for centuries.  Child dies … weeping and wailing begins.  However, Jesus says;

“The child has not died; but is asleep.”

As these words leave the lips of Jesus everyone starts laughing at Him.  Not laughing like ha, ha, ha, that is a funny joke.  But laughing as a form of derision or mocking because what He just said is so wrong and not true.  They knew death when it happens.  They watched her becoming weaker by the hour and when her breathing stops and her heart stops, she is dead.

Jesus sends these mockers away and takes Jairus, his wife, and his friends into the room where her body was. He walks over, takes the little girl’s hand and tells her to get up. And just as if she were asleep instead of actually being dead … she gets up and walks around.

These healings were in response to the faith shown by the bleeding woman and Jairus.  Faith is believing what we cannot see.  Faith is believing that God will do what He says He will do no matter how unlikely or how impossible that act might seem to be.

So, do you believe that God will heal you from your sexual brokenness?  Or has satan convinced you that is impossible? Are you going to believe what has been your past or what could be your future?

Now healing from sexual brokenness is a long and difficult journey.  You will not make it on your own.  That is why we are here to help you.  Let me know if you would like our help to experience your healing.

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