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The second stage of temptation is being enticed.  Yesterday we looked at where temptation begins and that is when we are dragged away.  Something gets our attention with the promise us seeing something that is sexual.  This drags us away from whatever we are doing and puts us on the hunt to find something sexually stimulating.

It can be something that we see or think.  It can be an attractive person who crosses our path or is in line at the supermarket or even the cashier.  Then there is something that entices us about that person, image or thought.  This can happen immediately and causes us to focus on whatever is enticing to us about them.

It is not just that they are a woman.  If she is in her 80’s walking with a cane or obese, there is nothing there that is enticing you.  Most people addicted to porn and sex have certain things they are looking for and are attracted to.  As your sexual addiction grows you can start to desire certain things or certain websites that will show you what you want to see.  And the pornographers know what you desire and what will best tempt you based on your history.

So, if we do not begin our day connecting with the Lord, not offering Him our bodies as a living sacrifice, not asking for the Spirit to fill us and empower us, and not putting on the full armor of God we are entering our enemy’s territory alone and unprotected.  Instead of being connected to God and having the support of a team of other men, we are alone and basically a sitting duck.

Then we see something that is sexually tempting, and we become enticed.  Typically, there will be something that has been bothering us and is triggering us to want to find some relief or escape from the stress or pain we are feeling.  We see something that is sexually stimulating, and we are being pulled away from safety into the danger zone of having a fall.

This is the place in the process of temptation where we need to realize we are in it and create some way to turn around and go back to a place where we are safe and are not going to act out.  Beyond this point of enticement, lies the point of no return.  This is a place filled with indecision.  This is where your lust is saying go for it and your mind and heart are saying turn around.

This is where we are to flee youthful lusts and not allow there to be a hint of sexual immorality.  However, because we have a history and we have hardwired our brains to follow this temptation to have the orgasm we long for, it is almost impossible to not give in and go forward deeper into sexual sin.

What you have not been doing and are not doing at the point of enticement is being filled with and walking in the Spirit.  You have not yielded yourself to God’s will for today.  You have not offered the members of your body to God as instruments of righteousness and so it is easy to give in to the sexual sin and yield the members of your body to sin.

Now let me ask you a question.  Do you think there is going to be a day in which you are not going to be tempted?  If it is not 100% of the days of your life it has to be in the high 90’s if we are being honest.  If the weatherman says that there is a 100% chance of heavy rainfall during the day would you go outside without a raincoat and umbrella?  Or, if they say there is a 95% chance of heavy snow with accumulations of feet not inches would you not dress appropriately?

In life people who are successful know how to make decisions in the here and now based on what they believe is going to happen next.  Then, they make preparations so that they can better deal with what they believe is going to happen next.

Now, what percentage would you put on the idea that every day you are going to be tempted? I would choose 100% for me.  I know for a fact that every day I am going to be tempted.  All I have to do is look at my history for the past 50 decades that there will be something I will see or something I will think that will tempt me sexually. And I believe the same might be true for you.

Based on that reality does it make any sense whatsoever for me to just head off into my day without making some necessary preparations so that I might escape the temptations that I will meet that day?

Imagine that one day you open your front door to go to work and your neighbor is standing there with a boxing glove on one hand.  He says, “Good Morning.”  You reply, “Good Morning” and then he punches you in the face and lets you pass.  You think that was strange and go on your way.  However, that same thing happens the next day and then the next and soon you realize that every day if you go out your front door you are going to get punched in the face.

So, you decide to go out the back door but by some crazy coincidence, he is now at the back door … punch.  Or you go into the garage and get in your car and he is sitting in the passenger seat … punch.  How long would you let this continue without doing something about it?

And yet, how many times are you walking into your world every morning and your flesh, our fallen world, and demonic forces are waiting there to punch you in the face?  His traps are set.  You foolishly head off into your day without reestablishing your relationship and commitment to God.  You will be dragged away and enticed and most probably have another fall.

What will you do to change this pattern of temptation and sin in your life?


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