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Today we look at the final stage of temptation.  So far, we have learned that in the process of temptation there are 5 stages we have already looked at.

  • We are lured or dragged away from being in a safe place by our own evil desires.

  • We are enticed by something specific our evil desires want.

  • Unless we take action away from the sin it will be conceived in our minds.

  • After we have decided to sin then our actions will be done, and we will actually sin.

  • As we continue to sin it becomes mature and has a greater hold on us.

The last thing James tells us is that once sin matures it leads to death.  What does this mean because sin certainly matured in my life and I am obviously not dead?  I am watching my finger move on the keyboard as I write this email, so I know I am not physically dead.

So, what is this death that comes as our sexual sins become mature?  Yesterday, we learned that this word “matured” or “full-grown” means something has reached its growth potential.  If it is fruit, then the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked because it is at its peak of ripening.  If not picked it will go from growing and maturing to rotting and what was good and at its peak is now dying and going bad, perhaps even falling off of the tree.

The first thing we need to realize as we continue to fail and fall into sin when we are being tempted is that this action is not leading us anywhere good.  We did not see the sign at the entrance of sin city, but it was there none the less … it reads … DEAD END.

Whenever we choose to leave the path that God has for us because we are being lured away and enticed by our own evil desires and we decide to go check it out … the end is a dead end.

So, if it is true that when sin matures it leads to death … and we have sinned, but have not physically died … what does that mean? There are two good answers to that question.

First – it means that we have not reached the end and there are further levels of sexual sin that our flesh and the devil have for us to experience.  There are deeper levels of sexual perversion that are awaiting your arrival.  What is currently exciting you enough to have an orgasm will begin not to work as well and so you will need to add something else to what you need to get off.

It is not hard to know what those things are.  Having sex with one person can begin to involve more than one person and a three-some can lead to an orgy.  Just having the physical pleasure can be enhanced if you are willing to try the 50 shades of gray approach and add physical pain with sadomasochism.  For some, it leads to the idea of rape and even death.  For others, it can lead to child porn and child molestation.

As one travels further downward in what it takes to sexually satisfy them the risks become greater and the needs become more expensive and more destructive.

Now this person is not physically dead … yet … but what are the effects their choices of sexual sin are creating in their lives? Instead of freedom, they are experiencing more slavery to their desires.  Instead of living an open and honest life they are filled with darkness, lies, and rationalizations.  Instead of community they are isolating themselves more and more.

Shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, depression, restlessness, anger, and suicidal thoughts are not part of what we would call being alive and in good health.  These would be found in the dictionary of what death is like more so than what life is like for the Christian.  These are the fruits of the flesh and will never make your life fuller.  Every time you stuff yourself at the sexual sin buffet, we now have online the hunger only becomes stronger after the moment of pleasure is reached.

God’s desire for us is that we would be experiencing life … and that life more abundantly.  That by the Spirit we would grow in experiencing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These are the qualities of the deep Christian life and can be ours as we learn to walk in the Spirit and not give in to the desires of the flesh.

If you want an illustration of this think of Jeffrey Epstein.  His life of sexual sin brought him some years of momentary pleasure as he engaged in sex trafficking and the sexual abuse of children.  Sure, he seemed to have it all.  Wealth, power, position, and fame. His mansion in Manhattan is worth over $77 million dollars and he was a billionaire.

However, as his sin matured it led to his death.  He ruined the lives of countless young women and ruined his own life as well and when his sin matured, he died.

Why not choose life … and choose life every day? This happens when we choose to give our bodies to God, ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit, walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the desires of the flesh and putting on the full armor of God.

Stay on the path that leads to true life here and eternal life in heaven.  Stop turning on the road with the DEAD-END sign.  It will never be worth it and you will be gradually dying instead of growing in Christ and experiencing true life!

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