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On the testimony of 3 Apostles, Peter, Paul, and Harry (friends knew him as James) there is a quality of the Christian life that we can be experiencing. However, I believe there are very few Christian men who are actually experiencing it. Nevertheless, it is described in a different way by each of these men.

Peter tells us that we can become “partakers of the Divine Nature” in 2 Peter 1:4.

James says that we can become “perfect and complete lacking in nothing.” in James 1:4.

Paul teaches us that we can be “filled up to all the fullness of God” in Ephesians 3.19

I know what you are thinking … that is just pie in the sky thinking and not possible for men like us who are entangled in sexual sin.  It is just not possible for us who live in sexual brokenness. What we think we need is punishment and that God is just waiting to pour it out on us big time.

Did you know that people have been using self-flagellation to try to solve their sin problem?  This is the practice of beating oneself with whips, lashes, rods, or switches to cause pain to one’s body in order to try and “mortify their flesh.”  Martin Luther used to do this as a way to try to put to death the desires of the flesh.  I would not recommend this practice because it is futile.

In our own oversexualized culture even this practice has been turned into part of their sexual sin in order to enhance the sexual experience. It only shows the depths of depravity sexual sin goes to in perverting the gift of sexual intimacy God has given for couples to be experiencing in the bonds of marriage (no pun intended).

Sexual sin causes us to live in shame waiting for the discipline of God to fall on us.  We live in fear that God must be angry at us and perhaps has even rejected us.  Our loving Father does discipline us as an act of love to try and teach us to not continue in sin but once it has become an addictive behavior it is nearly impossible to stop … or at least it seems that way.

So, how does one go from being in the depths and darkness of sexual brokenness to being perfect and complete lacking in nothing, partaking of the Divine Nature, and filled up to all the fullness of God?  It is not like there is some spiritual elevator we can get into and go from the basement of depravity and filth of sexual sin to the penthouse of near perfection and being instantly changed.  There is no bottle of the spiritual genie who can make our transformation instant.

However, there is the Spirit of God dwelling inside our bodies and I think He may have some part to play. The change we long for in order to not only be free from the prison of our sexual sin but actually begin to experience growth in our spiritual life again is a long journey. It is a tough battle because our enemies love to keep us down and dejected rubbing our nose in it and scaring us to death that someone might discover what we have fallen into.

The good news is that there are some things that can begin to happen fairly soon after one begins the journey to recovery.  However, the battle can become fierce as your body begins to go through withdrawal from the chemicals we have been flooding our brains on a regular basis for years or even decades.

I have written a book called Sex Addiction Withdrawal which will be very helpful in teaching you what it will take to get through withdrawal.  I have helped many men do this and you should expect this initial part of recovery to last for 90 days on average.  However, once you get over the hump of withdrawal it will be like a light goes on in your brain, a fog lifts from your thinking and you can actually begin to feel good about yourself again.

However, the journey begins with a very important step.  You must decide to step out of your isolation.  You will not be able to do this on your own. Just look at your history and how many times you have tried to stop without the help of others. Getting a counselor can be of value in the beginning.  But it will take more than a counselor for you to find sexual sobriety and maintain it.  It will take being part of a community of other men who are fighting the same battle and helping one another on a daily basis.

After studying sexual addiction for 10 years and battling through my own step by step recovery I have written and produced the 180 Recovery Program and have been teaching it at Vineyard Columbus for 4 years.  There are 5 other churches in the Columbus area also using these 25 videos and companion workbook.

We also have 12 Online Support Teams with 118 men from 10 nations using the technology of the internet so these men can break their isolation, learn the biblical truths about recovery and the Christian life, have others help to bear their burdens, and work as a team giving one another DAILY SUPPORT through texting one another every day.

If you are interested in having these videos, please contact me.  The price is simple.  I only ask for you to pay what you can honestly afford. I am so moved by God to make these available to you that they can be free if that is what you need the price to be.

Also, if you want to join one of the Online Support Teams contact me and I will help you find one that fits your schedule, or I will start a new one with you.  BTW if any of you live in Australia, we are working on scheduling one that would work for you.

Reach out to me if you really want help with your sexual brokenness.  This program is based on the Bible, the finished work of Christ on the Cross, and the indwelling and transformational work of the Holy Spirit.

Everything I have created is now available to me at whatever price you can afford … even free if need be.

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