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I wish it were easier to stop looking at porn, fantasizing, and acting out.  If I do not like the color of my hair, I can dye it.  If I don’t like the color of my car, I can paint it.  If I do not like the mattress on my bed, I can get a new one.  Easy changes for simple problems.

Simple solutions are for simple problems.  However, if I want to lose 50 pounds it will take work … no a lot of work on my part. Your working out does not help me one bit.  All those men playing their hearts out and sweating like crazy at the Super Bowl and I am only adding pounds with Doritos and Budweiser.  Watching the commercials only made me want to run out and buy a yellow Labrador puppy or a Clydesdale horse.  But I digress…

I know so many of you are really struggling with the desire to watch porn and have some kind of sexual release because it feels so good.  However, you are probably reading this or listening to the podcast because you realize that sexual sin is damaging you, your life, and your relationships.  I mean you know it is and that is why you want help.

There is only one verse in the entire Bible where we are told the secret to living a life of purity. This not a secret but it is the solution and most of those I know who struggle either do not know how to do this or just simply do not want to.

Here is the key element we need to be doing consistently if we are not going to keep falling into porn and sexual sin.

“But I say, walk by the Spirit,

and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.”

I want you to notice some things about this very important verse.  Notice that it does not say you will no longer feel the desires of the flesh.  We are all going to continue to feel temptation as long as we live.  We have a sinful nature, live in a fallen world, and do battle against demonic powers.  So, as long as we are still here the battle is on and temptation is normal.

What the verse is saying is that when we are walking by means of the Holy Spirit then even though we are still being tempted you will not carry out the sin that is tempting you.  Listen, there is something we all need to realize.  Just because you are being tempted does not mean you have to sin.  Sure, your desires are pulling you toward sin.  Your brain wants the dopamine to be released and you long for the thrill and excitement of another orgasm.  But is it not something that you HAVE TO DO.  It is something you choose to do.

So, how does that happen?  How do we get to the point where in spite of temptation and the habitual response we have hard-wired into our brains to expect…how do we do a 180, turn around, and walk away?

The answer is we are told to Walk in the Spirit.  This is critical so let’s learn what this means and how we can accomplish it so that we stop carrying out the desires of the flesh.

To walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the desires of the flesh means we must first be filled with the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is God and the Holy Spirit is God living inside of your body.  So, He is there 100% of the time and He is never taking a nap.  He is always there, always ready, and always available when we need Him.

Here is what I have found has worked for many men wanting to have freedom for their sexual sin.  First, we are commanded in Ephesians 5:18 to be filled with the Spirit.  Literally the verse is telling us to be filled and continue to be being filled with the Spirit.  In order for that to happen, we simply need to ask Him to fill us or to take control of us.

To be being filled with the Spirit is not a matter of volume.  You do not wake up with 20% of the Spirit and need to get more of Him.  No, you already have all of Him, so the question is does He, have all of you?  Are you yielding yourself to Him and asking Him to lead and guide you through your day?  Have you invited Him to be your guide and leading you as you proceed with the events and decisions of your day?  Then you are filled with the Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit is then following His guidance during the day.  It is listening to Him and obeying His leading. Most of the decisions we make are automatic.  We don’t have to decide to turn right at the stoplight to get to work.  We have done it for years, so the decision is automatic.

However, it is when we come to the decisions we need to make when we are being tempted that we need to pause and look to the Spirit and ask for His help and guidance. He is in you, right?  He has power, right?  He wants you to make the right choice and do the next right thing, right?  So, why not pay attention to Him and His Will instead of allowing your fleshly sinful desires to tell you where to go.

The Spirit says; “Follow me if you want life and the good things God has for you.” While the flesh is saying “Follow me if you want to escape the stress and have some pleasure.” The Spirit will lead you to life.  The flesh will lead you to death.

The important thing to remember is that true and lasting joy and pleasure come not in anesthetizing yourself for a moment leading to hours and days of regret.  But to deny yourself the temporary pleasure, walk in the Spirit, not fulfilling the desires of the flesh.  As we do this more consistently, we will find what we really want.  The fruits of the Spirit begin to develop, and we find true joy, self-control, and fulfillment.

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