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I have been trying to say something, but I am not sure you are hearing me. Has anyone ever said that to you? If you are a married man you have heard it.  If you are a married woman you probably have said it.

We have been learning about how to be being filled with the Holy Spirit so that we can walk in the Spirit.  This is critical for us because if we are being filled with the Spirit and walking in the Spirit, we will not be fulfilling the desires of our flesh.  This is important since our flesh has an insatiable appetite and the more we feed it the more powerful its desires grow.

When we were young and single this did not seem that important to us.  As teenagers, we thought we were just doing what everyone else was doing.  Looking at porn was extremely exciting. Having an orgasm was the most intense pleasure we had ever felt.  And afterward, we would sleep like a well-fed baby at nap time.

However, if we were believers in Christ being raised in a church, we were taught from an early age that this is shamefully wrong, and we must not do it.  But we did it anyway and it soon seemed like we could not stop doing it.  For me it was waiting till everyone was out of the house, sneaking into my parent’s bedroom, getting his porn magazine, going into the bathroom and masturbating after I finished reading the articles. Liar Alert!!!

What articles were there that any teenager would read? I do not know because I did not read any and of that I am sure…but I digress.

What I learned and what you probably learned to do as well was to escape from life and get a fix for whatever was bothering us.  Boredom, anger, shame, fear, guilt, hungry, lonely, and tired were just some of the things that would not be dealt with and from which we felt the need to escape.  And escape we did…over and over again until this intensely pleasurable choice became a habit and then an addiction.

Then, for whatever reason, we decided we need to stop it began to feel like it would be impossible to stop. And now we have unlimited access to any and all kinds of porn accessible on a device as call a smartphone.  Almost anytime and anywhere we can be streaming live any kind of porn we might want to see.  All the while our flesh is wanting more frequency and more variety. We have been lured away and enticed by the bait we long for and so we hit it only to learn that inside that bait is a hook and we find ourselves hooked indeed.

That about sums it up…right???  Now let’s look again at what Galatians 5 tells us about this battle and the solution God gives us to defeating our flesh even if it has grown from a burning ember into a forest fire consuming everything in our lives.

“So, I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want.”

The first thing I want you to notice is that this battle is biblical.  This battle is the normal Christian life.  God allowed our sinful flesh to remain when we became believers for the very reason that we MUST depend on the Holy Spirit if we are to experience not walking in the flesh. We are not told to fight our flesh ourselves.

How many times will it take for us to learn that if we get in the ring to fight this fight, we will lose?  We do not take our flesh seriously. We play around with images and thoughts that titillate our desires putting the pot on simmer so there is a long and slow buildup of heat thinking it is not a big deal and we will be able to turn it off.

But we do not turn it off we turn it up and we get more and more turned on.  Soon we find ourselves not only allowing the Spirit to fight against our flesh and slam it to the mat.  Instead, we are in the ring dancing with the devil. We are not thinking about what is happening. We are hypnotized by the lights, camera, and action.

We feel light-hearted enjoying the tingling sensation of sexual lust and once we are surrendered into the arms of the devil wearing the disguise of the person of our dreams…we get slammed to the matt and are down and out for the count.  And when we come to, we find the music has stopped, the lights are off, the crowd is gone and once again we have been beaten by the lying promises that this was going to make everything better.

Then, our dance partner begins to mock us causing great feelings of self-loathing.  The Spirit could have been the one battling the flesh and defeating it, but no, we like to dance and cut in only to find we have been knocked out one more time.

Being filled with the Spirit and walking in the Spirit means that we are surrendered to Him.  We have asked Him to lead us, to fill us, and to empower us because we have learned that every single time we step into that ring we end up being defeated by our own flesh.

The Spirit of God is dwelling inside of us.  He is God and He is there.  We have been sealed by the Spirit and He will never leave us or forsake us.  Only He can give you the power to not walk in the flesh and instead, through consistency and daily devotion we are surrendering ourselves to Him.  We ask Him to fill us and to empower us to walk in the Spirit and not only will we NOT fulfill the desires of our flesh…we will also begin to see His FRUIT appearing in our lives and not doing the deeds of the flesh.

This next week we are going to be examining the fruit of the Spirit so that we can realize how much better it is to be experiencing His fruit instead of living with the crap the sins of the flesh has for us.

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