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I covet your prayers as I stand on the doorstep of an opportunity that God has brought for me and 180 Ministries. Tomorrow I board a plane to fly to Brazil.  A man who lives in Brazil somehow started to receive my emails and they were helpful to him, so he passed them on to someone else.  That someone else is a gentleman who is responsible for the biggest annual Christian conference in Brazil.  This man is Euder Faber.

“Twenty years ago, a 30-year-old man named Euder Faber, a cab-driver turned pastor, began a Christian conference to be held during Carnaval, to give Brazilians a better way to spend their time.”

“Today, this conference has grown to be the biggest evangelical conference in Brazil and claims to have nearly 100,000 attendees during the space of a week.”

Euder has asked me to share my story in one of the main sessions which will have about 10,000 people with about 6,000 of them being pastors. I will have an hour to tell God’s story of His rescuing me out of my sexual brokenness and addiction.  How He has healed my wife and our marriage and to demonstrate to the many men who are living in sinful isolation that it is time to walk in the light.

You know as well as I do that sexual sin has been seeping into the church all over the world.  Men and women are becoming entangled in porn and 50-60% of all Christian men are addicted to porn.  Imagine the spiritual warfare that I will encounter with the message I have to bring.  Please pray for God to continue to be a shield around me and that the power of the Spirit will come upon me and the hearts of every believer struggling with porn will be broken and repentance will flow.

I will keep you posted on what is happening and update you with a special prayer update each day I am able to do it.

I will also be giving a 3-message seminar on Living a Pure Life as well as speaking to the teenagers.

If this is done in my own strength it will be a massive failure.  But I am unconditionally surrendered to the Holy Spirit and with the power of your prayers, I am hoping for the first time in my life to see a true revival.

Thank you for your prayers!

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    Be welcome, Pastor, to our Christian Conference here in my city, Campina Grande, Paraíba state_ Brazil.

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