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What do you think delights the devil whose future of eternal torment in the lake of fire is probably not be something he is looking forward to. Although, having been created as the Top Gun in the ranks of all created angels and then allowing pride and wanting to be worshipped as God to cause his serious demotion must have seemed an extreme punishment at the time, but is probably a role into which he has grown to enjoy.

Sure, what he thought was his last play, as the 2-minute clock was winding down and Jesus was gasping for his final breath, he was waiting for the game to end and he would be made the champion. He would have defeated the Son of God and the world would be his. He already had the cover of Time magazine ready to print;

God is Dead!

What a crushing blow it must have been when on the 3rd day, after Jesus descended into the depths to lead captives free, His slaughtered and entombed body came alive and rose up out of the tightly woven graveclothes, shoved the heavy gravestone to the side with His baby finger and was alive again.

If the day of His death seemed to be a glorious victory for satan and all the demons the day of His resurrection was part of the game plan yet to have been revealed to them.  They were no doubt drunk on the wine of their celebration of the triumph of evil over good, but like the drunk driver pulled over by the state trooper and the shock of the flashing lights in the rearview mirror, the party atmosphere in the car quickly changes into a panic of how deep is the sh*t they now find themselves.

So, the penalty for all the sins every person who trusts Christ has already been paid for and their debt for their sins has been erased.  Though they were like crimson red they have been bleached away by the blood of the Savior.  And we have been given eternal salvation and forgiveness for all our sins forever and we will eventually join our Savior in heaven.

So, what delights the devil now that he knows all of us who have received the free gift of God by grace and through faith in Jesus as our Savior? Now that we have escaped the eternal damnation satan was drooling over only to be snatched out of his oven and seated at the table with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit?

His only remaining pleasure is to make us suffer, hate ourselves, and believe that God has turned away from us. He turns what should be our blessed assurance into a false gospel where we begin to believe our eternal relationship with God is hanging in the balance of our good deeds outweighing our bad.  Getting us to shift our thoughts from a gospel of grace because of the eternal love our Father has for us into a conditional system where our relationship with God hangs in the balance.

The devil delights when we forget that we are saved by grace through faith and that God has forgiven all of our sins … all of our past sins, all of our present sins, and all of our future sins. We begin to think that our eternal relationship with God is conditional upon our ability to obey God’s commands. And once we begin to think that way…then he has us trapped into a false gospel and we become his puppets on a string dancing to his tune of misery and pain.

This morning a brother wrote this to me;

“I am a total fraud and have failed for the millionth time. I have grieved the Holy Spirit and have failed in following the 40-day plan. I have reached out to Christian brothers, but my shame and disgust with myself is great. I will go to the Throne (AGAIN) to seek forgiveness, even though I feel humiliated at my betrayal of our Lord. I need to just reach out to get this off my chest. I will ask for His forgiveness and mercy again.”

This is what delights the devil. And how many of us have found ourselves thinking and feeling the same way?  What delights him is that here is a son of God’s, a friend of Jesus, and a sheep in God’s flock believing that he needs to beg for forgiveness. And once we buy that lie, we are well on our way of believing our salvation must be hanging in the balance and our remaining a loved and completely forgiven child of God’s is in jeopardy.

Listen, our salvation is not a Quid Pro Quo.  Our forgiveness is not based on whether or not we can live a holy life. Heaven is not a reward that can be earned by a righteous life because the only one who has ever lived a righteous and holy life gave Himself up as a sacrifice for all of our sins. Sins paid for completely. Debt erased and we have literally been snatched out of the devil’s realm and delivered into the kingdom of His Son.

Paul makes this so clear in Colossians 1:13-14

“For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”

So, what delights the devil is when he has us addicted to sexual sin. The guilt and shame we feel after falling a million times causes us to begin to believe that our salvation is based on our works and our ability to do good and stop sinning. Which we cannot do on our own.

There needs to be a gospel of grace because if our salvation were based on our ability to obey then none would be saved. If that were the case, then absolutely nobody but Jesus would know salvation by works of holiness and abstinence from any and every sin.

However, because Our Father is a loving God who has chosen us to be His children in spite of all of our sins and because of Jesus paying for every single one them, that we are saved by grace through FAITH in Him. Yes, our sins do grieve the Spirit, but our forgiveness is a finished fact that drives a stake through the heart of the evil one.

Proclaim to him and all his demons that you have been forgiven of all your sins through the finished work of Jesus on the cross and his blood has made you as white as snow.

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