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Tomorrow night at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time – USA I am hosting a 180 LIVE session on the value of community is your recovery.

You might be thinking;

“Why does John keep harping on and on about community?”

 Because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is THE reason people who want to find freedom from their sexual brokenness need to experience.  I told myself for years I was going to stop. Over and over again I made promises to myself and to God that I would quit but instead of getting better my sexual sins became more frequent and ultimately lead to 4 affairs…and as you know I was a successful pastor with a great wife and 4 incredible kids.

But I was addicted and did not want to admit it.  I had no community. I was alone and afraid if anyone found out my life would end, my wife would divorce me, and my kids would hate me forever.

Then on September 9th, 2005 God exposed my sin and I came clean, confessing to my wife everything I had done, and the painful process of healing began.  4 days later I found myself sitting with a group of other men all of whom were addicted to porn and sex. I found a community of other men fighting the same battles I was fighting, and they were all helping one another.

I have been living in community ever since and the amount of community I experience has multiplied.  I now hold myself accountable to my 180 Leaders, and 11 other Online Support Teams. I have accountability 7 days a week. Which is accountability on steroids, but it has had an amazing effect on my own recovery.

Now I am not suggesting you join 7 Online Support Teams because we have set it up that every person in every Online Support Team gets the weekly accountability they need as well as get daily support from their team by staying in touch with each other through texting, emails, and or phone calls.  So that nobody ever has to be alone in the battle with temptation.

What amazes me is that my emails go out to over 3000 a day and yet we only have 150 men in our 13 Online Support Teams. Thanks to the amazing ability we all have to meet together online geography has been removed as a problem.  Different time zones create a challenge but not an insurmountable one.

For example, on Tuesday, July 14th I am starting a new OST with guys from down under – Australia and New Zealand.  There is a 12-hour time difference so the meeting with be Tuesday at 9:00 pm which is 9:00 am my time.  Halfway around the world is no problem.

So, to really go into the details of what joining an Online Support Teams can do for you and your recovery I invite you to join me tomorrow night at 9:00 pm using Zoom to talk about our Online Support Teams and how they can be of tremendous to you.

God has called all Christians to live in community.  Heck, even God Himself is a small group…Father, Son and Spirit.

There will also be in the meeting tomorrow night at 9:00 pm men sharing their own stories about how the OSTs have been a significant part of their own recovery.

You can sit in and listen without using your video or using your name. There will be no record of who is attending so it can be entirely anonymous for you.

We will start at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time in the USA,

that’s New York Time.

Please join me to hear more and I hope to see you there.

Here is the Zoom Link, which you can test out any time before the meeting to make sure you are familiar with using Zoom.

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