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I am truly astonished at how dumb some people seem to be, and they have certainly shown up in the Covid-19 days here in the USA. We know that this virus is deadly as it has already killed over 128,400+ so far in the USA and over 500,000 in the world, that we know of since March.

Now I realize that in the heart of every person is a rebellion gene. It manifests itself anytime we are told we must do something we don’t want to do or are told we must not do something we want to do. Then rebellion pops up and says; “No…I am not going to do this, or No I am going to do this.

For the majority of people, if there is evidence and reasoning that makes sense to them, they will comply because it is for their own good and for the better good of everyone else. For example, when the automobile became the most favorite means of transportation the state of Connecticut posted the first speed limit signs in their state; 12 mph in the city and 15 mph on rural roads.

As cars became faster and safer, accidents began to happen more frequently, so the federal government passed the first seat belt law in January 1, 1968. However, this law was not mandatory for everyone to wear a seat belt. It was more for demanding all new cars to be fitted with seat belts.  It wasn’t until December 1, 1984, that they became mandatory in New York state.  Today, only New Hampshire, that little bastion of rebellion, has no mandatory seat belt laws.

Today just about everybody automatically puts on their seatbelt before they begin to drive. It is an automatic action we do to keep ourselves safe when driving. We understand that this is just common sense because one never knows when they may be involved in an accident and seatbelts save lives.

However, make the suggestion that everyone needs to be wearing a mask and gloves when going out into the public and all of a sudden rebellion breaks out because it is my right as an American citizen to exercise my freedom and not be required to wear a mask. Granted it is your right, however, if our elected officials determine that we need to wear masks to begin to curb a pandemic virus that has already killed 128,400 people what would be the wise thing to do?

Sure, you can go to the beach, or be crowded into a park area with thousands of friends, party like the good old days, and then return home to your family. You may or may not get the virus and even if you get it there is a 95% chance you will not die.  But you sure might infect loved ones whose preexisting conditions make them much more likely to die from the infection.

About a month ago a number of states began demanding their leaders begin to open their cities back up. They wanted businesses to reopen, restaurants to begin serving food and churches begin to gather again. And this might not have been so stupid an idea if people actually wore masks and maintained social distancing.  However, once the doors opened up the masks and social distancing seemed to disappear as well.

Rebellion is a seed we are all born with.  It began in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve first ate the forbidden fruit. It is part of the sin nature we are born with and begins to show itself around the age of 2 when a child’s first words are often “NO” and “MINE.” We do not have to teach our children to be selfish and rebellious. It comes to them naturally.

What we do need to teach them is to play by the rules and share with one another.  We wear seatbelts to keep everyone safer than if we were not wearing them.  We demand that surgeons wear masks when doing surgery on us, washing their hands and wearing gloves. Why? Because we do not want them infecting us with any germs.  We follow the rules like no drinking and driving not only for our own safety but to the safety of everyone else in the community that might be driving while we are drunk.

From my perspective, I see a dangerous divide in our country, and it is only being exasperated now in politics as well as in the racial protests. A growing number of people seem to want to not believe science and the facts of this pandemic and wanted, even demanded, that life return to normal in spite of cases of the virus spiking once again after some opening up has occurred.

The graph above is comparing what has happened in the USA vs the EU, especially since some states began to reopen since June 1st.  It seems almost criminal to me those who refuse to live according to the simple idea of wearing a mask and maintain social distancing. And yet we hear from our leaders that everything is going fine and things are getting under control.  Are you kidding me??? It is almost like a mask of stupidity is covering the minds of our politicians who want to lie about what is really happening in hopes that it will just go away.

So, if being dumb and rebellious is putting your life and the lives of your loved ones in danger all because you don’t want someone to tell you what to do what would be a biblical and sensible response?  Protect yourself and your loved ones by exercising wearing a mask and gloves when you go out in public. You will be not only keeping yourself safe but your loved ones safe as well.

By the way…it is this same rebellious and selfish parts of our sin nature that are part of our sexual sin. We are told in Romans 8:13;

“For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.”

If we want to get angry and go to war against anything it should be our flesh. Let’s put it to death by the Holy Spirit and walk in the Spirit so we do not fulfill the desires of the flesh.

Sorry I just had to get this off of my chest. I am literally appalled at what I see happening in the leadership of our nation. I respect your right to disagree with me but I for one will not dismiss science and the reality of what is happening right now in our world.  Unsubscribe if you want and keep your head in the sand. There is a link to do that at the bottom of every one of my emails.


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