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Have you ever noticed in your battle against sexual sin and porn that you can start your day with all the best intentions to stay pure and not wanting to fall, but somewhere along the road you are traveling that day something catches your eye, your short sexual fuse quickly burns out and you explode with sexual desire?

Or maybe the fuse gets lit and you put it out.  Then it gets lit again and you put it out. Each ignition of the fuse awakens something in your sinful nature and what might have been a tiny ember in the bottom of your desires get bigger and bigger with every sensual thought until it bursts into a flame that is quickly consuming all the boundaries you thought you had in place and there you are again, acting out with porn and self-gratification.

I love to sit in my backyard and start a fire in our fire pit.  Sometimes I use a slice of an artificial log made of flammable material to get the fire going. I have also found that a ball of lint works the same was as do pinecones from the pine tree next to my house.

However, sometimes if the wood is damp and is not igniting on its own I have to get on my knees, get my face as close to the smoldering embers as possible and blow 4-5 deep breaths which increases the oxygen levels and causes the embers to burn hotter and reignite the fire. If that doesn’t work, I always have some gas in the garage I can use which in and of itself is extremely effective but also extremely dangerous.

Now let’s use that metaphor to think about you and your daily struggle with temptation. All of us should know that every day we are in a battle and there is the potential to be tempted and fall back into sexual sin. You do understand that do you not? Yet, for many of us, even though we know that it does not move us to action to take the steps we need to take so that we survive the days temptations.

If your life is stressful and you are living in isolation then you are a pile of dry leaves and pinecones and all the enemy needs to do it strike a match, drop it anywhere near your conscious thinking, and whoooshhhh…everything ends up in flames.

Hopefully, if you have been getting my emails for a while you realize that if you do not sit before the Lord every morning, offering your body to Him as a living sacrifice, asking the Spirit to fill you and help you walk in the Spirit, and put on the full armor of God every day your lusts are not as flammable and the Lord has dampened the degree of flammability in your sin nature.

Just as there are foods that are anti-inflammatory foods that can help keep our bodies from inflammation-causing physical pain to our bodies so there are anti-inflammatory things we need to do so that our bodies and mind are less susceptible to igniting with lust.

We all should know the command for us to offer our bodies to God as living sacrifices as commanded in Romans 12:1…so we also read in Romans 6 about offering the members of our bodies as righteousness instead of instruments of wickedness.

Read this paragraph from Romans 6:11-14 carefully;

In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires. Do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer every part of yourself to him as an instrument of righteousness. For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.”

See where it reads Do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness…” That verb “do not offer” is a command. It is a present imperative which means the Holy Spirit through Paul, writer, is telling us to STOP doing this action!  And because it is a present imperative it is commanding us to stop something that is already happening.  It is happening now, in this present moment in time.  We are continuously being tempted and drawn in to taking our “instrument” with the other instrument of our hand and using sex to medicate whatever it is that is making us feel the need for another sexual fix.

Paul writes we need to;

“…but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer every part of yourself to him as an instrument of righteousness.

Are you doing that??? Offering every part of yourself as an instrument of righteousness. That means not only your body as a whole as mentioned in Romans 12:1, but every part of your body being dedicated to Him and to be used for holiness. Our minds, imagination, our eyes, our hands and arms, even our genitalia to be offered to God so that they can become instruments of doing the next right thing instead of committing the next sin.

Every day we have the choice of who we will serve with our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Do yourself a favor and begin every day offering your body and all the members of your body to God as sacred instruments for the doing of God’s will.

Bow before Him early every day praying in his presence for the Spirit to fill you anew and may His grace drench you like a morning rain so that you are soaked with the fresh intentions of using every member of your body to glorify Him and to stop using any part of your body to fame the flame of sexual lust. To not ignite the secret ember of lust in your mind but baptizing your body into the living waters of the life Jesus has for you today.

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