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Have you ever been the target in a game? Whether it is paintball, laser tag, squirt guns, dodgeball or just plain old “Tag You’re It,” I think all of us have enjoyed games where we are either the hunted or even the hunter. The thrill of someone chasing you or you are chasing them is a fun way to play with peals of delight sounding all around.

However, in life, being a real target is no game. You might be targeted by the IRS or debt collectors and there is no fun in that. Or perhaps someone has made you the target of their anger and you have to be on the lookout whenever you leave your house. And if you are in the military in a combat zone being the hunter or being hunter can be a life or death situation.

We all know that spiritually we are in a battle. There is a devil and he has an army of demons and they have but one mission and that is to destroy you and all you hold precious. You became one of his targets when you became a Christian and he will do anything and everything to cause you to fall into sin and become addicted. Addictions are what he uses because they can destroy your life and your relationships with your loved ones.

One of his favorite methods of wounding us is through his many options is to use lies. Jesus called him the Father of Lies and he has used others to speak lies into your life or had his demons whisper them into your brain.

Two of his favorite pastimes are playing archery and darts. And he especially enjoys lighting his arrows and darts on fire so that if they hit their target there is a little extra pain involved. Thus, we find in Ephesians 6 the words flaming arrows or fiery darts. Lies that not only sink in but are very hot and burn us as they impale us. See this in Ephesians 6:16;

“In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, 

with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.”

However, God has given us something that is very powerful and able to extinguish these flaming arrows or fiery darts and that is called the shield of faith.

This begs the questions how can my FAITH be a SHIELD which will put out these flaming missiles and how do I use it?\

First, we need to understand what kind of faith is he talking about? There is saving faith that we were given by God so that we would believe in Christ and be born again. Here Paul is talking about the faith that we need so that we are living by faith. We are trusting in what God has said is true and therefore are believing it and acting upon it. In fact, we are told in Romans 1:17;

“The righteous will live by faith.”

To live by faith is to believe what God says is true, which we find in the Bible, and then act upon that truth. And I believe that every flaming arrow the devil fires into our minds there is a biblical truth which we can use to extinguish that arrow and not allow it to remain part of our thinking process.

Obviously, this is not an actual shield that we carry around on our back, but it is our faith in our knowledge of God’s Word that absorbs and extinguishes the flaming arrow. For example, let’s say you have the thought that because of your sexual sin God the Father has rejected you and you have lost your salvation.  He then compounds the damage by having you believe that if you have lost your salvation then why not just keep binging on porn?

Another of his favorite arrows is the thought that you will never, ever, be able to stop looking at porn so why not give up trying to stop? Since “once an addict, always an addict” is true then just accept it as part of your life and try to keep it to a minimum. In other words, give up trying to stop and just keep being a phony to everyone around you and then hear him telling you, even more, what a loser you are.

I could go on and on with examples of the lies Satan has tried to use on me. There is a pile of broken arrows lying on the ground at my feet. All lies that have been extinguished and broken because they did not hit their desired target. My faith which is strengthened by years of reading, learning, and meditating on the Bible is strong and I am alert and on guard against his feeble attempts to discourage me.

Also, I am standing strong in the strength of His mighty power because I have been putting on the full armor of God fairly consistently for almost 15 years. In fact, as 180 Ministries grows and is helping over 3000 people in 61 nations around the world I feel I must do this because the target on my back is growing larger and one person at a time we are helping get through the withdrawal symptoms of ceasing to look at porn and masturbating and connecting into a community of others in our Online Support Teams.

In fact, we have just started two new OSTs.  One is on Tuesday at 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and the other is Thursday at 7:00 pm called 180 Australia because the man I am starting it with lives in Australia. He is 14 hours ahead of me, so it is 9:00 am down under. These two new OST are open and available to everyone who really wants to stop losing this battle on your own and join a community of other me where there is no condemnation and men helping each other bearing one another’s burdens.

If you would like to sit in as my guest just email me for the Zoom link.

Lastly, I will be hosting our monthly 180 LIVE webinar on Sunday Night at 9:00 pm. Everybody is welcome to hear me teach on a relative subject and be your Bible answer man for any question you would like to ask. Here is that Zoom Link.


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