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This week we have been focusing on the 3 most Critical Actions we all need to be doing on a Daily Basis if we are going to make progress in our recovery from our sexual brokenness. These three things are critical for all of us and I know the devil just whispered in your ear that they do not apply to you because you are special. Sorry to break the news but you are not special in this area in fact as the book title said it so well this is “Every Man’s Battle.”

However, these three Critical Actions are not just for those of us who have become addicted to porn and sex. They are the Critical Actions for every follower of Christ who really wants to be experiencing the normal Christian Life. They are not what we have to do because we have become addicted. These are the things every believer must do if we are going to survive, grow stronger, and be experiencing the life God has for us. Abundant, joyful, and victorious life in Christ.

One of the reasons so many men, women, and teenagers are not having victory and tasting the true sweetness of a life in Christ is because we expected it to be handed to us soon after being born again. Indeed, the moment we became saved we were given the GIFT of eternal life, were filled and sealed with the Holy Spirit, and forgiven for all the sins we have or will ever commit in our entire life.

However, here is the stark reality of every person who has been born again and is now a new creation in Christ.  There are 3 universal realities that are part of our everyday existence that as long as we are drawing breath are true and we must deal with on a daily basis.

#1 – We still have a sinful nature, or our flesh dwelling inside of us and will have till we die.

#2 – We still live in a fallen world where porn is omnipresent, free, and always accessible.

#3 – We still have an enemy, demonic forces of evil who are now targeting us because we have been rescued out of the dominion of darkness and brought into the kingdom of Christ.

So, this week we have carefully gone over what God has given us and has told us to do so that we will not be overwhelmed by the fact that we have an enemy inside ourselves (our flesh), an enemy outside ourselves (demonic forces), and we are living behind enemy lines (our fallen world).

This is our reality whether we like it or not. Life is a battle because we are in a war. I wish it were not so but wishing accomplishes nothing. I am not going to sugarcoat this for you. To walk out of a sexual addiction will take a lot of hard work on your part and the reason such a huge number of Christian men are not having victory is because they try to do it on their own and find the battle far greater than they imagine it to be.

The reason I know that is because I am almost 15 years into my own recovery. 5,446 days to be exact. I believe God has called me to this work of helping others in their recovery by teaching them what the Bible tells us to do so that we are experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit transforming us.  That’s right…transformation. The Christian Life was never meant to be us struggling as best as we can to stop sinning and live a good life.

God, knowing all things, knows no Christian can do that on their own.  Even the Apostle Paul struggled with sin and came to realize that he was a “Wretched Man” who needed to be changed by God so that he could have a growing freedom from sin and live the Spirit-filled life.

Listen I tried my very best to stop my sexual sins only to discover my very best was not anywhere good enough. And I was a successful pastor for 26 years and had everything to lose. And on September 9, 2005, I was forced to resign my position because I no longer met the biblical requirements of being a one-woman man.

I was forced to confess my sinful addiction of 8 years to my wife and our 4 adult kids. I hit rock-bottom with a forceful splat and lay there for over 2 weeks a complete mess of broken, depressed, and completely defeated Christian man.

So, when I tell you that these three things are CRITICAL, I know it because I lived it and am living it still. Gradually over time, I made progress. I was offering to God my body as a living sacrifice because I realized that only He could save me. He had already saved me from my sin but now He needed to save me from myself. So, I dedicated my entire body, my entire life to Him every day…and still do.

I ask the Holy Spirit to fill me and enable me to walk in the Spirit so that I will not fulfill the desires of my flesh. Indeed, I ask the Spirit to help me put to death the deeds of the flesh. Help me to take every thought captive and not allow even a hint of sexual sin to be in my thoughts. That He would influence me through my day and with consistency begin to bear His fruit in my life so that I might develop self-control.

Plus, I pray through the full armor of God so that I might be able to stand “in the strength of His might” against the demonic forces that want to destroy my life, my wife, and my family.

These things are not the extra credit efforts of someone wanting an A+ instead of just an A in living the Christian life.  There are the most critical things God tells us in the Bible to do. I was getting F ‘s and failing in the Christian life. Beginning to doubt if I would even graduate and go to heaven.

So, I was sent to the principal’s office and we had a talk. He reminded me that I was still His student and in His school of life. He assigned me a tutor…the Holy Spirit who would guide me every day and teach me what are the things I needed to learn and do. And after 5 years of training, He asked me to start my own school for broken Christian men called 180 Ministries.

There is always open enrollment and here is what we have to offer you. Not only a biblical education on how to live the real Christian Life but classes where you connect with a small group of other men walking out their own recoveries and willing to help you walk out yours as well. Those classes are called our Online Support Teams and there are 2 new ones with open enrollment. One is on Tuesdays at 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and the other is 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on Thursdays.

Send me an email and I will send you the Zoom link and you can sit in as my guest to see what the teams are like.  If those two times do not work for you there are 12 other OSTs for you to choose from.

Listen, I know…you feel like a dropout. School was too tough for you or not giving you what you thought you were going to get. However, we know what you need and are prepared to teach it to you over the long haul.

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