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How did I know you are on a diet?  Isn’t everyone always on a diet? Except teenagers who believe they are going to live forever and what they consume will probably not affect how they are feeling.  Doesn’t even seem to matter if on the box or wrapper it says;

“Warning – consumption of this could give you zits!”

Probably wouldn’t matter besides what is more rewarding than popping a zit and having the white stuff fly out and hit the mirror…but I digress.

Jesus said some things to the Jews who were crowding around Him that must have seemed very strange.  One of those times is found in John 6.  He has fed the 5000 and sent the disciples across the Sea of Galilee only to have them rowing all night but being held back by a strong wind. So, He comes walking out to them and they freak out. Then He identifies Himself gets in the boat and we are told this;

“Then they were willing to take him into the boat, and immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading.”

Most people skip right over this miracle and miss it.  I call it the speedboat miracle. They went from the middle of the Sea to the shore…immediately.

The next day a crowd gathers around Jesus again and start asking Him questions. They ask;

“What must we do to do the works God requires?”

Notice what their emphasis is wanting to know what they need to be doing, what works need to be done for God to accept them. Then they ask another question; “What sign then will you give that we may see it and believe you?”

Then Jesus declared to them;

I Am the Bread of Life.

Whoever comes to me will never go hungry,

and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

Then, He really shocks them and tells them unless they eat of His flesh and drink His blood, they have no life within themselves. They think He has gone crazy and many of those disciples stopped following Him. However, what was confusing to them should be clear to us.

Jesus calls Himself the Bread of Life and we know that in order to have spiritual life we need to be with Him.  Being with Him is something that takes time. Too many Christians want a drive-thru Jesus.  I have just a few minutes so let me order, get my daily bread, wolf it down, and go off to more important things.

Jesus is telling his disciples and us as well that He is the sustenance for not only eternal life but life every day in the very difficult world. We must be daily spiritually nourished, or we become spiritually malnourished. We are not getting the food we need from Jesus to keep our soul and spirit healthy which is often why we continue to struggle with sexual sin.

We are asking God; “Why don’t you help me?” Yet, we are doing nothing or very little to spiritually nourish ourselves on the Bread of Life. We fail at being consistent in sitting down and dining with Him. We rush off to work, or used to, with a cup of coffee and down a 5 Hour Energy drink to get to lunch. Then we overeat because we are starving and struggling to stay awake through the afternoon.

That is sad, isn’t it?  It is also leaving you malnourished and an easy target to temptation. So, how do we change that?

First, you need to take a serious look at your schedule and put in place quality time to spend with the Lord. I know…you suck at discipline, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Think about spending time with the Lord like sitting down with Him for breakfast. Take your time talking and communing with Him. Ask Him questions and listen for His answers. He is the Bread of Life and so if you want to experience Him strengthening you for whatever is coming your way that day draw from Him the life you need for each day.

View your morning devotions as a time to meet personally with Jesus. To talk and listen to Him. Meditating on His Word is always good but sometimes it can seem dry and boring. So, I like to imagine myself literally sitting at the feet of Jesus and pouring out my heart to Him and listening for His guidance.

I can promise you one thing.  As I have done this during my recovery, I have been growing stronger in my core. I am finding the fruit of the Spirit of self-control developing in me that is allowing me to say no to sexual sin and yes to God.

However, it has not happened quickly but slowly, step by step. And this is what Jesus wants to do in all of our lives. You might think that is not true for you because you have fallen so far into your addiction.  But that is a LIE. A big FAT LIE.

Jesus saved all of us knowing full well all the sins we would ever commit and chooses to still love us anyway. His love is eternal, and He has sealed us with the Spirit for the very purpose of helping us grow in a love for purity and the desire to put to death the deeds of the Flesh.

Tomorrow is a new day. Schedule Breakfast with Jesus…everyday.

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