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I know what if feels like to be desperate to stop living in sexual brokenness. The addict believes there is no way out. We have tried our best and failed. There are moments of sincere repentance that eventually fade away and we find ourselves going back to porn like a dog returning to eat his own vomit.

You have come to believe that God has given up on you and you must be one of the most sinful persons in the world. God saved you to enroll you in a test to see if you are worthy of completely saving you and giving you access into heaven. And there is a scoreboard in the back of your minds and regardless of which quarter you are in you are getting trashed by the world, your flesh, and the devil…and there is no way you will win.

Try as you may you have continued to fail and believe you must not be a Christian. Either you were and lost it or you never had IT in the first place…whatever “IT” is.

Congratulations, you have bought the theology of satan and have come to believe that it is your works you will be saved. Maintain enough good enough works and you stay in the family of God. But by living in sexual brokenness you have been ejected, unselected, and rejected out of the family of God.

Listen, living a Christ-like life apart from Christ and the Holy Spirit is IMPOSSIBLE. Would God put you into a battle that you can never win on your own and base your eternity in either hell or heaven on how good can be or how well you can perform? I don’t think so. Where is grace and mercy in that kind of salvation? If that were the case, then the Son of God would never have come and died for your sins because you would have to be earning your own eternal life.

Listen, my friends, that is not the gospel. We are saved by grace through faith by God’s choice. And when did He make that choice?  Read Ephesians 1:4;

 “…He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him.”

He chose you to be born again into His family. The very next verse says He has adopted us out of the kind intention of His will and later in the passage we read in verse 13 that He has also sealed us with the Holy Spirit.

And just like that really cool toy you gave your child at Christmas does not work until you place a battery inside, so also, we cannot live a holy and pure life without the Everyready Holy Spirit in us. He is the Duracell of all Duracell’s who never ever runs out of power.

Now, look at that verse above again. God chose us so that He would then save us and He saved us so that we would become “…holy and blameless before Him.”

Well, what is one thing we should all have learned by now that our addiction to sexual sin has taught us? Come on…think hard…could it be that the battle is impossible to win apart from the Holy Spirit? Bingo we have a winner!!!

I cannot stop sinning because I am a sinner!

However, I am also now a New Creation in Christ!!!

There is something that is supposed to be happening in us as sinners saved by grace. There is a force who has the power to change us. We do not have to look for it or beg for it or even try and earn it. That power is none other than the third member of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit who has sealed us as God’s promise of our eternal inheritance in heaven.

He is the Counselor and Comforter that Jesus promised to his disciples and told them that it would be better for Him to be in them than for Jesus to be with them.

This begs the question;

Well…if the Holy Spirit dwells inside my body then what’s the problem?

The problem is that we want God to be available to us when we feel the need for Him. However, we live such distracted lives, pursuing our own desires and goals, getting what we think we need instead of what we really need. We listen for God when our lives have fallen apart but most of the time, we want what we want, and we want it NOW.

We want to be a Christ-like and even a godly man, but can I get a 20-ounce cup of that to go? Being a “disciple” has turned into God being a Drive-Thru and I only have a few minutes so can you please hurry up and change me?

And you know His answer. God is not here to be a fast-food franchise for you to pull up, place with Him your ORDER!  We have wanted to just be using God to get what we want in life. Instead of surrendering ourselves to Him, deepening our knowledge of Him, taking the time to worship Him. We are called to come before His Throne of Grace and receive help in our time of need. It is a place in which we must dwell…not a drive-thru.

Do you know what God’s purpose is for saving you?  So that He can show you the depths of His love. And the deeper we go into sexual sin…deeper still is His love.

The Holy Spirit who dwells in your body will do something that we really want but do not know how to get it. He is God. He is God in us. He is God in us FOREVER. And His mission in our lives is to TRANSFORM us into holy and godly people. His job is to conform us to the image of Christ by transforming us one day at a time.

Transformation is not us making ourselves better. I flunked that exam miserably. It is God changing us. This is His will and purpose in saving you. And the great news is that He is going to finish this work and we will be conformed into the image of Christ…FOREVER!!!

Tomorrow, I will go into how the Holy Spirit accomplishes this transformation in a day to day way.

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