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What would be your answer to this question?  “What is the most important thing about you?” Here are your options;

What you do.    What you have.   What you know.   What you have done.

Who you are?   Who do you know?   Who knows you?   Who cares???

I would like to suggest to all of us that apart from our knowing God through our personal relationship with Christ…and being known by Him as one of His children the most important thing about us is our soul.

However, if one looks at our culture the emphasis seems to be our body. Consider what is marketed to us through every means available. The overwhelming emphasis is on how we look. Commercials about what we eat, what we wear, what we do with our hair, how we care for the skin on our face and certainly, during sporting events…what kind of beer we drink.

If one would decide what is most important about us based on what is consumed on the internet the clear winner shattering all other records is porn. Consider this…three of the world’s most popular porn sites have more traffic than Netflix.

Now let’s dig in a little deeper. How much of your time is devoted to caring for your soul? Your first thought would be to think about how much time you spend each day in prayer and Bible reading/study.  Almost everybody I know feels like it is not enough. We feel this nagging sensation that we are bad Bible students. We do not know enough Bible and we do not pray enough prayers.

We have tried many times to start over again and try to do better. Our favorite time of playing this game is only 44 days away – January 1st, 2021. Is another failed New Year’s Resolution going to change your life? Yes, it will…but not in a better direction. We promise God. We promise ourselves and others and after a week or two we go right back to where we were…feeling guilty about our weakness is making ourselves better people.

Can I make a suggestion? What if we stop this game we have failed so many times and try something different? I would suggest the main difference we need to make is to work on caring for our soul. Many excellent writers and people of wisdom and knowledge say that our soul is the most important thing about us.

Consider this theologically vital prayer we teach our children;

“Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake.

I pray the Lord my soul to take.”

I do not know how many children are lying wide awake in bed at night afraid of dying in their sleep. Perhaps I was the only one.

Listen, our body, the one that we are in right now…is not eternal. We grow older every day. When our heart stops beating, and our brain stops thinking…although some seem to be able to do one without the other. Their heart is still beating but they stopped thinking a long time ago. Every single cell in our body is going to die and waste away. And yet many spend enormous amounts of time and money investing in something that will turn into ashes and dust.

There is absolutely zero return on your investment in eternity. There is value in caring for this body to keep it healthy and one can enjoy a better quality of life by caring for their body. But what about the long game? Not the 4th quarter of your life…but the eternity that is your future?

Paying attention to the state of our soul can bring both health in our present days and pay dividends forever in the future. It is the state of our soul that is the barometer of how we are really doing. When my soul is nourished and well it affects my body and spirit. When I am taking the actions that lead to the benefit of others my soul is lifted and I find myself able to rejoice.

Now here is a key truth.

Knowledge is what feeds my Mind

Actions are what feeds my Soul

And the actions that feed our soul are the actions we make that are helping other people. Especially those actions to those who cannot give us anything in return. There is no Quid Pro Quo because they have nothing to give.

How many things will you do today that will be primarily for your own good? A certain number of things need to be done to care for yourself. OK, I get that. However, what will you do today that will help others who are in desperate need? Perhaps they have lost their job, come down with Covid-19, and do not know how they will be able to stay in their home.

Into whose life can you be the Good Samaritan today? In 180 Online Support Teams one of the most important things we talk about is the necessity of every member on each team to not only be there for their own good…but to be there to help the other men on the team.

I like to say that 50% of your own recovery will be you helping others with their own recovery.

We can all gain more for our souls when our attention can be on the needy, we find around us instead of the constant efforts to help ourselves.

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