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Yesterday I admonished all of us to take the time to do what David says he did in Psalm 62;

My soul waits in silence for God alone…

 I have always had a hard time waiting. There used to be something inside of me that drove me to make things happen instead of allowing things to unfold. Now that can be a good and bad way to be. It can be good if you make the most of a good opportunity that is before you for only a short time. It can also be bad if you jump at an opportunity you think is good but in reality, it is not.

Now if you are standing in line at Disneyland waiting for your turn to get on the ride it is one thing if you are with friends and can talk about stuff but if you are alone waiting for 30 minutes for a 3-minute ride is hard. It is hard for an opportunist to wait in line.

There are trillions of dollars managed by some of the great opportunists in the world. They make a living keeping a sharp eye on the stock market and the companies that will profit from whatever is happening in the world. Constantly scanning the horizon for new companies and looking for news that might indicate a change that will cause one stock to skyrocket and others to crash.

However, when it comes to experiencing good spiritual growth and feeding our soul it has everything to do with being still, waiting in silence before God, and worshipping Him. And I would like to help you worship God when you are not in a worship service. The church I attend has not met publicly for 6 months because of Covid-19. We can “attend” the service and even worship online using live streaming, but it is nothing like worshiping with a couple of thousand others singing together.

But notice what David writes. His soul waits. His soul waits in silence. His soul waits in silence for God. His soul waits in silence for God…alone.  So, yesterday I encouraged you to try doing that. Try waiting in silence before God and doing it alone. If you have tried it several things happened…most likely. You got bored. Your mind wanted to not stop and be still. Many other voices were telling you the things that you needed to be thinking or doing. Or that this is stupid to just be sitting there…so get busy.

It takes time to learn to be silent and shut out those voices. The more you try it the better you get at doing it.  Be silent. Quiet your soul. And put all your attention on focusing on God. This is not a type of meditation where you empty your mind. Instead, it is focusing on God and then begin to worship Him.

So, let me ask you…what have you been focusing on for the past 6 months other than the normal daily things you do in your life. What news are you allowing into your mind relative to Covid-19 and if you are an American – the Presidential Election? If those are the two things that you are getting input from, I guarantee you it has caused you to feel stressed and tense.

Perhaps some of you struggle every year as the year begins to draw to a close. You might have Seasonal Affect Disorder. I have noticed since about the mid 90’s that the closer the end of the year was approaching the lower I would begin to feel. It made me want the last six weeks of the year to just go away…a time I had to endure and hated it. Longer nights and cold dreary days only increased my desire to get relief from porn.

I would strongly encourage you to begin today to use being silent and still before God and then begin to worship Him.  Get alone where you will be uninterrupted…away from everyone and everything that might distract you. Then take 5 deep long breaths slowly filling your lungs to capacity and slowly exhaling. This will help relax you while focusing on the Lord.

After quieting yourself and your soul, then begin to worship. Not worship that is turning on worship music. There is a time for that later but for now, try worshipping God by praising Him and thanking Him for who He is and what He has done. What are some of His attributes that you love? Certainly, His love for you and His faithfulness comes to mind. How about Jesus and what He did for you on the cross? The forgiveness of all your sins and the fact that He chose you to be one of His children are reasons to worship with thanksgiving.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Worshipping God in this way is reassuring you of His love for you and with that, you are feeding your soul. A growing sense of peace and thanksgiving begins to settle your mind and calms your soul.

What you are actually doing is adoring God. Praising Him for who He is and thanking Him for what He has done. You are reminding yourself that the God of the Universe is your Father and He will take care of you. Jesus is your Lord and Savior and gave His very life for you. The Holy Spirit is dwelling inside your body and He is wanting to fill you and influence your thoughts and feelings.

Next, after these truths begin to settle your soul, choose a song or hymn that you know and sing it to Him. With your eyes closed and focused on Him sitting on His throne of grace either sing out loud or quietly in your head a song you love and know by heart. Some of my favorites are Great is Thy Faithfulness, It is Well with my Soul, and When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.

These actions are real worship…personal worship just between you and Him and after singing to Him…end with prayers of thanksgiving for all He has done for you. You will nourish your soul. Doing this consistently will result in the fruit of the Spirit beginning to develop in your soul and ultimately out into your life for others to see and experience from you.

You will begin to be able to handle the news of the day and the stress of life because in your soul you know that God your Father, the Lord Jesus is your Lord, and the Spirit dwelling in you will watch over you and be a shield around you that day.

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