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Our soul is one of the most important parts of who we are. It is who we are at the core of our being. And so, the condition and the caring for our soul is extremely important. That is not to say that caring for our body is not important. Neglect basic caring for and nourishing your body for too long and illness can occur.

We have talked about how we need to feed our soul by taking the time to sit silently before the Lord as David told us in Psalm 62:

My soul waits in silence for God alone;
From Him comes my salvation.
He alone is my rock and my salvation,
My stronghold; I will not be greatly shaken.”

David is taking time to be in front of God…alone…and waiting in silence. So, I encouraged you to try that at night before you go to bed. Turn off the TV, computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Sit quietly before God and listen to Him. Then worship Him either in your mind or vocally…sing a song of worship to Him. Spend time giving thanks for what He has done for you in your life. Shift your focus from the troubles of our world and focus on Him.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good;

How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”

(Psalm 34:8)

Reflect upon the truth in Psalm 23 and meditate on the fact that Lord is your Shepherd. He provides green pastures and still waters. He restores the soul of his sheep who remains close to Him because of His provision and care. Even against the fear of the valley of the shadow of death, even there He will guard and protect you.

Now for the 3rd crucial thing, we need to do and continue to do on a daily basis. Our soul grows stronger and even thrives when we are in fellowship with one another.

When I was a pastor, during the 8 years of my sexual addiction, I had no fellowship. Sure, I knew a lot of people, members of my flock whom I was feeding and leading. But nobody knew the condition of my soul. I was addicted to porn and sex. I was being unfaithful to my wife and family yet looked the pastoral part in my Sunday go to meeting suit.

The condition of my soul was of deep shame and fear because of the things I was doing. Sure, I repented and confessed my sins. I begged for help from God but never did what I needed to do to get the help I needed. I remained in isolation while I was slowly sinking further into the mud pit of sexual sin. I was so miserable thinking the only solution was to try harder to stop. I had already committed career suicide but was too afraid to come clean and confess.

I share that with you because I want you to know that I know what it is like to be in that place, all alone, scared to death of the truth, and being defeated by the forces of darkness against whom we must battle.

The healing of my soul demanded that I stop living in the darkness and began to walk in the light. I was confronted by 3 deacons of the church who had heard rumors that I was involved with another woman in the church. They met me in my office at 10:00 am on a Friday morning. I was so sick of my sin and hypocrisy I knew I needed to confess.

So, before the meeting, I got on my knees and surrendered everything into God’s hands. I knew that I needed to come completely clean, causing the train wreck to happen, and allow God to put the pieces of my life together again as He wanted them to be. I would not try to fix it or repair the damage I had done. I needed to allow the Lord to BE the Lord in my life. I would hold on to His hand and allow Him to lead me through whatever was going to happen.

And out of that confession to them, my wife, and family, I have learned how important it is to my soul to have no secrets. If I have secrets, then I am constantly playing defense. I am warding off people, deflecting them, and keeping my distance. That especially is true in my relationship with my wife. She has learned to sense that I am defensive and now we can talk it through.

Now I know you must be tired of hearing me telling you to stop your isolating and find a community where you can tell the truth with no condemnation.  I just finished meeting with the Saturday morning Online Support Team where we heard a brother share his story. He was abused during childhood, struggled with same-sex attraction, and went through a time of serious brokenness.

As he was telling his very painful story to this Online Support Team of 11 other men, I sat there thanking God that we had a safe place where one can share the truth about their brokenness and find healing for their soul…through in a community of fellowship. Men having a place where they can tell the truth thereby walking in the light, having the blood of Jesus cleansing them of all their sin, and feeling connected to other men.

Listen, my friends…I have been in my own recovery for 15+ years. I have seen God bring healing and transformation in my own life. He saved me from my sins in 1972 and He has been saving me from myself since 2005.

If you are still living in isolation, I am telling you there is a place for you in one of our Online Support Teams. Before you start telling yourself the same lie as last year, that you will start fresh in 2021…why not sit in on one of our Online Support Teams and see the power of fellowship that comes from feeding the soul.  Email me…

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