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With just about every problem we encounter in life solving it requires we do something about it. We will have to make changes in the way we have been thinking and living. Sometimes these adjustments are simple and sometimes they are going to take a lot of work. It depends on if what you are trying to change can be fixed by a procedure or a process.

We like procedures because a procedure is something that fixes the problem either instantly or over a short period of time. For example, if I have a cavity in my tooth and it has reached a point where it is painful when I am drinking a cold or hot drink…I go to my dentist. He finds the cavity, drills everything out of the tooth that might cause future problems, and fills it. Easy procedure…drill it…fill it…done and problem solved.

However, something that requires a process is more difficult because it usually takes time and effort on our part. To maintain good physical health, one needs to eat nutritious food in appropriate quantities, get good exercise 4 days a week, and pay attention to any signs your body is sending you which is normally done through pain.

We do not like pain, Sam I am. We do not like pain in the bed. We do not like pain in the head…or anywhere else for that matter. And the result of sexual sin is pain. Moments of pleasure but years of pain. And to relieve that pain we go back to our sexual fix always needing a little more frequency and a little more variety.

So, how many years have you been struggling with sexual sin? I lived with it for about 40 years with it becoming an addiction with the offerings of porn online. Now, I have been battling it for 15 years and 3 months.

Have I been delivered? No…I have not. The battle has grown significantly easier over the past 10 years but there is still a battle there none the less.  We need to get out of our minds that sexual temptation is just going to stop, and we will never have to face it and deal with it again. Actually, that only applies to our years remaining in this life on this earth. Then we will be forever free from any and all sexual temptation.

Until then you need to get it out of your head that there is some quick and easy fix to a problem you have had for years if not decades. We are in this battle because we all have a sinful nature or flesh, we live in a fallen world where porn is almost omnipresent, and we are still behind enemy lines.

We are not all kicked back on a beach in the Bahamas soaking up the rays and getting our tan on. We are more like in the jungles of Vietnam or the hills of Afghanistan where there are enemies lying in wait to take their next shot at us. So, we need to understand that every day…every stinking day we are in a battle and if we do not fight the battle using what God has given us, we are going to keep losing over and over again.

I know…not a pretty picture. But it is the real reality. You know it. I know it and the moment we decide we are going to try and stop you better be ready because the battle is going to intensify.

There are three hurdles all of us have to get over in the early stages of our recovery. It is going to take time and work on your part to get over these hurdles. It is not like one day you clear the hurdle of eliminating your access to porn. It is not just on your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, and other devices you can use…like PlayStation. It is a process of finding the avenues that are a problem for you and figuring out a way to block them or eliminate them.

Besides that, we have created an Adult Book Store in our brains where we have years of fantasies and memories that we can replay at almost any time.

Then there is the issue of getting through withdrawal. You have been giving your brain the drugs it craves which come from being sexually stimulated. These are great drugs, you do not need a dealer, they can give you a high and leave no aftereffects like alcohol on your breath. 5 minutes in the bathroom with your smartphone and you can get another fix.

Withdrawal is a process. It is only accomplished one day at a time. The desires grow stronger the longer you go until you feel you are going crazy and you simply must get a sexual fix. Those moments are extremely hard to get through. In fact, if you are trying to do it alone it will be virtually impossible.

This is why people go to AA and SA meetings and when they first start, they are told they need to do a 90 in 90. That means going to 90 meetings in 90 days. This is because getting through the powerful effects of withdrawal is so hard and we make excuses, rationalize, and minimize it all and go back to the sin. Everyone needs support to get through withdrawal so if you are remaining in isolation how is that working for you?

The third hurdle has to do with our spiritual reality. We are told we are not doing battle with the flesh but with the demonic forces of evil. And if you do not know what God has provided for us to stand against demonic powers you are standing against a fire-breathing dragon hoping your shield of toilet paper will protect you.

So, do you see why recovery from sexual brokenness is so challenging? There is no quick fix just slow and steady learning from the Bible what we need to do in order to begin to advance in your own recovery.

I have created the 180 Recovery Program which is 25 videos of me teaching you these biblical truths and how to practically move forward in your recovery. We have 15 Online Support Teams working through these videos and if you join one of our Online Support Teams you will find yourself getting the help you need but cannot receive as long as you are in isolation.

Contact me if you want to see the weekly schedule of when these teams meet.

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