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We are 12+ hours into day 1 of the New Year here in the Eastern United States. Some of you are already into day two. And I have one questions to ask you…

Have you blown it yet???

Almost all of us hope for making improvements in our battle against our sexual brokenness at the beginning of the new year. We are very sincere and deeply want to stop and begin to become the Christians God has intended for us to become. We honestly want the transformational work of the Holy Spirit to change us and wonder why that isn’t happening.

Certainly, it has been an extremely stressful year with everyone told to remain in isolation and we all know what happens when we do that. What are the odds that you will be looking at porn on your phone if you are with a group of family or friends, versus being alone? I would say the odds would be close to 99.9% greater when you are alone unless you are looking at porn in bed after your wife has gone to sleep. #BTDT

Here is a story a wrote a few years ago which contains a very important message about how all of us should be beginning our new year with the hope of doing better than last year.

So, let me tell you a story about four guys on New Year’s Day.

One is thinking, “Great… it’s a new year and this year I am going to stop acting out sexually. I am going to break free from this addiction and soar to heights hereto not experienced with God. I am going to go further and fly higher than I ever have before.”

He says this to himself as he straps on his new hang-gliding kit at the top of the cliff.  His Renewed Determination Kit – which includes plans to read his bible more, pray more, and go to church more – arrived on the first of the year (like it does every year!)  He found it on  He believes that if he just does… MORE… he can lick this problem … just like he thought last year and the year before that.

So, today, he is strapping on the glider and is ready to launch out into this new adventure where things will be different. Of that, he is sure, because he has recommitted himself… and he really means it this time. All the while, the demons are having an office pool as to how many days it will take to trigger his wounds and bring him down in another glorious and shame-filled crash.

Will they use the woman he works with and has been thinking about?  Or a visit from his mother-in-law?   Perhaps turning up the heat of his financial situation.  One demon says “Or we can just remind him of the old standby argument… tell him he has to have some sort of sex or his balls will explode from the pressure.”

The demons are rolling on the floor laughing.

Then down beneath the high cliff, walking along the narrow path are three men. They have been walking together for a long time. They know each other’s stories. They have a history together. On more than one occasion they have rescued each other from the slews of despair each of them has occasionally fallen into.

One says to the others “I think today is the first day of the New Year.” Not in a balloon popping, ball dropping, confetti throwing sort of way. Just a casual comment to denote the turning of a new calendar year. Their heads are not in the sky dreaming about what might be achieved by trying harder.  They have crashed and burned too many times.

They have jumped from the cliff alone for years. The other two just say “Yup” and they all keep walking.  Their eyes are on the path.  Their conversation isn’t some wish filled wonderland talk taking place between their own ears. They have been deceived by that false hope too many times and have the scars to prove it.  They have tried it all before… alone… and tasted defeat that always comes in isolation. So, now, they are content to keep their eyes focused on the next step and thankful that they are walking together. Open. Honest. Real. Left foot… right foot. Another day… and one day at a time.

Where do you see yourself today? Making another daredevil attempt to achieve the improbable?

Or feet on the ground, filled with the Spirit and walking out your recovery in a healing community?

Take it from a former gold medal risk-taker… one day at a time in community with others is the only way to go.

Our Online Support Teams is where you can find the power of accountability and daily support from a team of men who are finding their sobriety from porn slowly growing. They have others who have been where they are helping them make steady progress in their experiencing freedom from their sexual brokenness.

This Sunday night – January 3rd at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time in the USA I am holding a 180 FREE Webinar about why community is essential to your recovery. You can join us anonymously with no video or personal identification to hear me speak on community as well as ask me any question through private chat that I can then answer to the entire group.

There is no better time for you to take this step and I promise you will thank me. I have been helping Christians learn the biblical and Christ-centered ways of escaping this addictive sinful behavior since February 2009 and I would love to tell you why it is important for you. Here is the Zoom link for 9:00 PM Sunday night Eastern Standard Time (New York Time).

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