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Has that ever happened to you? Being the youngest of 3 brothers that happened to me a lot…because you know what rolls downhill and guess who was always at the bottom. Not that there weren’t plenty of times I did not get blamed for things I did do.

Like the night I sneaked into the kitchen in the Officers Mess Hall in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard while there was a ball going on for the officers and their wives. The chef was over in an office with his feet up on the desk, back to me, and watching television.

I thought I would really impress my 7 friends outside by bringing them something. I am on my hands and knees crawling into the kitchen looking for something to take and noticed some delicious odors coming from the oven to my right. So, I opened the oven door only to see a Steamship Round of Beef sitting on a metal tray almost done cooking.

It looked delicious. It smelled delicious and I thought who wouldn’t love some fresh beef? So, I grabbed some napkins picked up the tray and carried it out of the kitchen down the back stairs, and off we all went to the nearby park to feast on the beef with our bare hands.

It wasn’t till years later, when I discovered I have a conscience, that I thought how shocked the chef must have been to open the door only to find an empty oven with over 100 officers and their wives working up an appetite on the ballroom floor. I did not get what I deserved and neither did the dinner guests get what they paid for…and probably, long before Wendy’s made commercials the words; “Where’s the Beef?” were uttered…but I digress.

We have been talking about grace…which is us getting us what we do not deserve. Mercy is not getting what we deserve, and we love that. As Christians we feel we have escaped the punishment we should have received, and the GREAT NEWS of the Gospel is that God has solved that problem by becoming a man Himself and offering His sinless life to pay the punishment that the justice of God demanded.

Mercy is our punishment falling completely on Him. The result is our sins being completely paid for and thereby forgiven. God is Absolutely Holy and Just, but He solves the problem of our unholiness by paying the price, which is death, and paying that price Himself which His justice demands for our sin.

So, relative to you and your sexual sin…which is a mountain of sexual thoughts, words, images, and actions all of them and for all your life…have been paid for. Justice is fulfilled, and we do not get what we deserve. Praise God and thank you, Jesus.

There is a great relief if we do not get what we deserve. Forgiveness is a big upswing for guilty sinners like us. We feel we have escaped punishment, and we have, which is good because the punishment for our sins when God is the all-knowing Judge…is death. As He tells us in Romans 6:23;

“For the wages of sin is death,

but the gracious gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Mercy is something our world tries to understand. We can see it in our world. Some people like it and others hate it…depending on who is receiving mercy and what actions they did and for which they are not having to pay. There are many examples of people not getting what they deserve. In fact, just recently 143 people were pardoned by Trump, or their sentences were commuted on his last day in office.

Some might say; “How dare he pardon Steve Bannon.” But some might also say “How dare God to forgive you.” That mercy is sweet when we are the recipients. It can also be bitter if we feel other guilty people are not getting what they deserve.

Getting blamed for something you did not do sucks and feels terrible. Getting mercy for something we did do is great and feels awesome. However, when it comes to our sexual sins which we have committed perhaps thousands of times when it becomes known we suddenly are desperate for mercy. If it is done by our spouse to us it is much harder to be merciful.

But what about Grace? Mercy is Great but Grace is Glorious. Mercy is given and as I said yesterday is like a cup of water…it is finite. There are only so many sins any of us can commit in our lives. Sure, they may run into the thousands…even millions.  If you committed 1 sin every minute of your life, then you have a not so grand total of 36,792,000 sins. But no matter how many it is still a finite number because there is a start and a finish to your sinning.

Grace is not finite…it is infinite. Grace is not removing something that is there it is giving to you something you do not deserve and when it is God’s Grace then it is endless and eternal. Mercy is cleaning up the spilled milk on the dinner table. Grace is sitting at the table at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb…and then spending the rest of eternity in heaven with Him. The feast never ends unless someone steals the beef.

No more sinful desires inside of us because that beast dies with our body. No more living behind enemy lines with sin available everywhere at all times. No more disease, ill will, politics, and evil. Grace is infinite with absolutely everything bad being gone and everything good extending forever. Absolutely no darkness and everything is in the light and done in the light.

In 1910 Julia Johnston published her hymn Grace Greater than Our Sin. Here are the second verse and refrain…

Sin and despair, like the sea waves cold,
Threaten the soul with infinite loss;
Grace that is greater, yes, grace untold,
Points to the refuge, the mighty cross.

 Grace, grace, God’s grace,
Grace that will pardon and cleanse within;
Grace, grace, God’s grace,
Grace that is greater than all our sin!

Because our Heavenly Father and Jesus our Lord and Savior are infinitely GRACIOUS their grace for us is infinite and will always be what we do not deserve…but we are called to wallow in it…for eternity.

With God being like that and giving grace like that to us…why would I even think porn and another sexual fix is worth going back to?

Not me…and by us helping on another not you either…unless you prefer remaining a lone sheep.

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