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It was February 9th of 2009 when 180 held its first meeting at Vineyard Columbus. Gus and I met with the first 7 men who showed up to receive the $100 gift we promised anyone who would show up…just kidding!!!

We did not need to offer an incentive because the men who came knew they needed help and had high hopes 180 would be a place where they could begin to see some success after so many years of failure.

Over the next few years, 180 @ Vineyard grew to over 100 men who would come to worship, hear a teaching, and break into small groups for accountability. When the app GroupMe became popular the men in the small groups began staying in touch with one another daily so that nobody would have to be alone, especially when being tempted.

Eventually, some of the leaders wanted to take 180 to their local church. We had created the 180 Recovery Program which is 25 videos of me teaching through the biblical truths that we need to learn and put into practice. Each church purchased the videos and is still using them on a regular basis. Currently, there are 6 churches in the greater Columbus area offering the 180 Recovery Ministry to men in their congregations.

At the end of December 2011, I read this passage in Hebrews 3…

“Take care, brothers and sisters, that there will not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living GodBut encourage one another every day, as long as it is still called “today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.”

I thought to myself; “I can do that!” So, on January 1st, 2012, I began sending out email messages to everyone at 180. As our ministry grew so did my subscriber list and when I started writing for Covenant Eyes it exploded. This email will go out to 2626 people in 61 different nations around the world

In the fall of 2016, 180 was granted a 501(c)(3) non-profit status by the IRS so that we could offer our materials tax-free as well as receive tax-deductible donations and I began leading this serving in 180 full time.

In the fall of 2017, we started holding Online Support Teams where men anywhere in the world could receive the biblical materials of the videos, have weekly accountability and daily support. Currently, there are 16 OSTs ministering to over 175 men in 16 different nations. We even have one in Brazil. We are adding to that number weekly and I hope to have 20 OSTs by the end of the year.

Today at 3:00 pm I am going to be meeting with a team of people called the 180 Vision Team. I have asked these men to help me listen for the direction of God and what He wants us to do moving forward. Though 180 has had a slow and steady growth in its first 12 years there are millions of men who need help.

We need to hear from God how we should go forward. So, I am asking for you to please pray about these things.

  1. Please be in prayer for us so that we will see clearly the steps He wants for us to take. How do we reach more men and begin to reach women who are struggling as well?

This is no minor issue. I would suggest to you that the use of pornography and sexual sin it by far the greatest issue in every church today. Every single Christian man must deal with sexual temptation all the time and I believe that far more men are addicted to porn and sex whether they are sitting in the pew or standing behind the pulpit.

This is also destroying marriages and families. How many wives are crushed because their husband is addicted to porn and sex and do not know what to do? How many Christian children have a father with secret sin and not able to give the love and guidance their kids so desperately need?

  1. Pray for men to make progress in their recovery and then be willing to step up into leadership positions. This is critical because as we grow in numbers we must grow in leaders who will be willing to pour into the lives of others as they have received others pouring into them.

  2. Lastly, I want to ask all of you who are able to become a member of TEAM 180. Members of TEAM 180 are committed to being praying for the ministry on a daily basis and support us on a monthly basis. TEAM 180 members give $15.00 a month which equals $180 a year.

I do not have a warm 180 blanket or T-Shirt to give you…but I will make all of my eBooks available to you free for the asking.

You can sign up and become a member of TEAM 180 by going to this link on our website


Fill in the amount you want to give and check the box to “Make this donation every “month.”

God bless you as 180 seeks to continue to pierce the darkness

sexual sin has brought into our world!!!

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